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Recent Crowdfunding Security Products

Below is a list of security devices – home, auto, and personal – that are being crowdfunded now (or have been completed relatively recently). Maybe one will inspire you to help shape the future! Join their program and help get it funded!

Cameras & Home Security:

Spot Home Security

“The Coolest HD Smart Home Camera EVER”

Currently funded: $107,000 with a $50,000 goal

Help get them funded

Spot is a home security camera with live streaming, free video recording, and the ability to recognize smoke or CO detector alarms, with more sound recognition being added in the future.
From the Campaign: “Finally, a smart home security camera with easy installation that can recognize smoke alarms and recap a day in seconds with Time Lapse.”


Simple, Versitile Life Camera

Currently funded: $251,000 with an $80,000 goal

Go to Kickstarter

The Yocam is a waterproof life camera that has many uses. It takes high-definition video and photos and can be worn or mounted to take continuous photos or videos for personal or vehicle security. It can also be set up as a security monitor for your home, children, or pets.

iCamPRO Deluxe

“2016 CES Innovation Award Winner”

Currently funded: $51,000 with a $1,000 goal

Help security get smarter

iCamPRO Deluxe claims to be the “first cordless robot that can talk, hear, detect faces, and track intruders 360°.” The camera has facial recognition, automatic tracking, motion detection, free cloud storage, and a siren in the case of an intruder.


Simple Home Security and Automation:

1 day left: $3,500 with a $93,000 goal

Kickstart ’em

Tailwind allows connection of low-cost home security and automation devices to a central link, allowing your lights, sprinklers, gas fireplace, garage door, and more to be controlled by your smart phone or smart watch.


Personal Surveillance System

33 days left: $300 with a $50,000 goal

Go to Kickstarter

EyeWitness is a tool to protect yourself while filming a crime or crime response in progress. While recording, EyeWitness automatically uploads the video to the cloud to make it tamper-proof available if needed in court.

Digital Security:


Your Only Key

Currently funded: $111,000 with a $20,000 goal

Help fund your only key

Headlined by the one and only John McAffee (of McAffee Antivirus), Everykey aims to replace all of the keys on your keychain as well as your passwords on your phone and computer. It will manage your passwords via Bluetooth and automatically lock or unlock your computer or phone as you approach them. It is also compatible with some remote locks on vehicles (with more to come) and smart locks for your home. In case of loss or theft, you can disable the Everykey remotely.

Pro Drycase

The Ultimate Laptop Case

Currently Funded: $30,000 with a $22,000 goal

Help make laptop cases better

Protect your information from the elements. The Pro Drycase is drop-resistant, waterproof, light, and slim. It comes in 13” and 15” to fit most standard laptops. It even floats in water!

Personal Safety and Security:


Alerts headphone users to sounds around them

Currently funded: $10,000 with a $10,000 goal

Help fund them

The SoundBrake is a great safety product for headphone users. It attaches to any audio source, with headphones attached directly to the device. The user pre-sets a sound level and if any sounds occur above that level, the SoundBrake disables audio to alert the user. This is a great safety feature for any headphone users in public or near an active roadway, among many other uses.


S-Triple: Safe Smart Sport

18 days left: $1,600 with a $10,000 goal

Go to their Indiegogo account

The S3 is a lighted vest to help with visibility while engaging in night sports. The makers claim that it increases visibility up to 1,500km, vs. 150km for reflective clothing, and includes blinking modes to make you even more noticeable. They even claim that it’s machine washable, and it runs for 72 hours on three AAA batteries.


Safety * Sport * Security

35 days left: $800 with a $575,000 goal

Check out their indiegogo page

The tagline for the Sentinel may sound similar to the S3, but the Sentinel is a high-tech location tracker that can be used for sports or hiking as well as keeping track of children, elderly relatives, or pets. It uses GPS and 3G connection to track the device’s location and interfacing with custom software to show race times or track lost loved ones.


Quick-release bicycle lock with fingerprint recognition

2 days left: $74,000 with a $75,000 goal

Help Kickstart them

From the campaign: “Keys can be lost or copied and key mechanisms can be picked. The lock’s biometric fingerprint sensor provides enhanced security.

The Grasp Lock leverages the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with an industry tested and proven algorithm. We have established a relationship with the manufacturer to enable the best possible integration of the sensor with the Grasp Lock.”

Headkayse ONE

World’s First Soft, Foldable Bicycle Helmet

36 days left: £30,000 with a £60,000 goal

Protect some taters

The Headkayse one is a soft – but safe! – one-size-fits-all bicycle helmet. Due to the soft nature of the foam, it’s expandable to fit any head and, while as safe as rigid foam, is reusable after an accident.


Vehicle Brake Light Flash & Black Box Recorder

8 days left: $1,900 with a goal of $45,000

Help get them going

This device connects to your third brake light and flashes it rapidly when it detects a hard break press. In addition, in the event of a crash, logs any relevant data.


Air Quality Sensor

Fully funded: $168,000 with a goal of $52,000

Help promote clean air

This little tube tracks the air quality around you and interfaces with your smartphone. It can detect a variety of chemicals and pollutants and alerts you if there is pollution enough to be harmful to your health. All of that and it’s small enough to carry with you to check the air safety wherever you are.

udRAD Monitor

Environmental Monitor

Fully funded: $25,000 with a goal of $10,000

Help fight pollution

Want a little something beefier than an air monitor? Chec out the uRAD Monitor. From their campaign: “uRADMonitor is a project that addresses pollution, the kind that we are unable to see, but directly affects our health and can cause life threatening diseases. To help fight pollution, we have designed several fixed and mobile detectors, packed with powerful sensors, capable of detecting both the chemical and the physical harmful factors. All data goes online to a global network, so anyone can access it freely, at any time.”

Recently Funded Campaigns:


clean air in case of a fire

Funded July, 2015

Check it out

Saver is a personal air filter that gives you and your family five precious minutes of safe breathing in the event of a fire. It also provides a flashlight and an alarm for firefighters to find you if needed. Small in size, it can sit right in your bedside stand.


Automated Driving Assistant

Funded May, 2015

Drive vehicle safety

CarVi is an automated vehicle assistant. Mounted to your windshield, it monitors traffic around you and issues audible alerts in the case of an unsafe lane change or a potential front-end collision. It also acts as a regular dash cam and connects to your smart phone.


The New Standard in Water Safety

Funded August 2015

Get water safe

Kingii is a device that you wear on your wrist when engaged in water sports. It claims to be the smallest inflatable device on the market, and with a quick pull, instantly inflates an air bladder that drags you to the surface of the water and acts as a floatation device.


Smart Safety Jewelry to Reduce Assaults

Funded November, 2015

One click to assault safety

ROAR is a piece of digital jewelry that pairs with your smartphone. In the event of an emergency, one 3-second press of a recessed button emits a loud alarm and sends a text message to pre-selected contacts with your location. The device also has a silent alarm mode.


Switch on Privacy

Funded on September 2015

Indiegogo get some privacy

From the campaign: “eBlocker is a small device that connects to your home network. It anonymizes your online behavior, blocks all ads and ensures that only the information you want to share is shared. eBlocker is constantly updated, recognizes all forms of tracking and protects the privacy of all users in your home network individually. It works with every connected device, browser and app. PC, Mac, iPad, smartTV, game console.”

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Find Your School is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.