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Top 10 iPhone Apps For Security Careers

iPhones are well known for having thousands of apps for every possible function. Many apps are quite trivial, even if they are fun to have. On the other hand, there are also some very useful apps, including ones that are appropriate for security professionals.

iPhone apps can help with security in a number of ways. Some apps safeguard browsing or passwords when using the phone. Others can help you with surveillance or using security systems remotely. Whether you are preparing for a career in security or already have such a position, you should look into these 10 iPhone apps.

1. iDiscrete

iDiscrete protects many items on your iPhone, such as documents, videos and images. This app allows you to store any data that you want to keep private in a secure manner. What’s ingenious about it is that it disguises its real purpose from anyone who is trying to break into your phone. It has a sneaky way of guarding against unauthorized use. If someone tries to use the app without permission, a simple not app appears in place of iDiscrete.
This app costs $2.99.

2. Find My iPhone

This is a very useful app for anyone with an iPhone. It makes it possible to track a lost or stolen iPhone using GPS technology. This app should be installed as soon as possible, as it helps to protect your device against theft. Find My iPhone is not infallible, as a clever thief may be able to disable the tracking device, but it’s certainly worth installing all the same. This is a free app you can get from Apple. For maximum protection against theft, it’s best to install both this and GadgetTrak, which is next on our list.

3. GadgetTrak

While Find My iPhone is good for tracking a stolen iPhone, GadgetTrak takes it a step further. The phone’s camera can be set up to photograph the thief. The app, which sells for $3.99, also has advanced tracking technology that lets you trace the thief’s movements in time. What’s good about this app is that even if the thief figures out a way to disable the tracking mechanism, you can still get a picture of him and the locations he has visited.

4. Foscam Surveillance Pro

This is an app that allows you to watch an area remotely using an inexpensive wireless security camera. Even better, the app can be connected to up to six different cameras, allowing you to monitor multiple locations at once.

Foscam sells cameras that are especially made to work with this app. These cameras can be purchased for under $100. This is an app that can be used to monitor homes, offices, stores or anywhere that a security camera can be installed.

5. Monitor

This is an extremely helpful app that allows you to control an alarm system remotely. If you forget to activate your security system, you can do it from your iPhone when you subscribe to’s services.

Being able to turn a security system on and off from any location is an ability that can come in very handy for security professionals.

6. Intego VirusBarrier iOS

This app will scan files such as email attachments for viruses and malware. This is an efficient app that allows you to scan files whenever you need to. The app only costs 99 cents. Intego VirusBarrier is an essential app to use with so many malevolent files being spread around the web.

7. 1Password Pro

If you want to keep your devices secure, password protection is essential. This app, which runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods allows you to store information securely and log you onto website with one click. Passwords play an essential role when it comes to online security. You should use different, hard to guess passwords on all sensitive sites.

This app allows you to do this and still easily access lots of different sites without having to constantly be looking up passwords.The 1Password Pro app was awarded an AppAward in Best Secret Keeping App category. This app costs $14.99.

8. WebRoot Secure Web

An advanced browser that works for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app gives you secure browsing capabilities to protect you from malicious websites. It instantly analyzes the reputation and history of URLs so that you can avoid ones that are likely to cause problems.

This is a free app. It’s especially good for banking, shopping or conducting any financial transactions online. It will alert you when a hacker or identity thief tries to lure you into logging onto a fake site.

9. Norton Snap QR Code Reader

QR codes are now quite popular. They give anyone with a smartphone the ability to scan codes, similar to bar codes on products in stores and reach websites. There are now QR codes on posters, business cards, flyers on bulletin boards and more.

The problem is, some QR codes point to malicious sites that can harm your phone.

The Norton Snap QR Code Reader is an app that reviews the URL associated with a QR code and lets you know if it’s safe. Whether you want to protect your own phone or your client or employer’s, this is a valuable app to have these days.

10. Kryptos

One thing that you need in the field of security is the ability to have secure phone conversations. Kryptos is a VoIP app that encrypts phone calls for the iPhone. The encryption technology is military grade, so it will give you truly secure communications.

The only limitation is that both parties of the conversation must be using the Kryptos app for it to be effective. The app is free, but you must subscribe to the Kryptos service. This, however, is only about $10 per month.

There Are Many Useful iPhone Security Apps

The above are just 10 of the best apps that are recommended for anyone who works in security. Many of them are useful for other iPhone users as well, such as students, business professionals or anyone who wants to keep their phone secure.

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Find Your School is an advertising-supported site. Featured programs and school search results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other information published on this site.