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Security in Huntsville

Security services is an industry that is starting to grow at an exponential rate all across the United States. One area of the country in particular that looks promising in terms of security jobs and available degree programs is Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville has a population of roughly 182,000. This makes it about a quarter of the size of the largest city in the Southeast, Jacksonville, Florida. Well known for NASA, Government affiliations, Civil War culture, and beautiful parks and nature this area has a diverse community and beautiful, humble surroundings.

Huntsville is also home to several area colleges and professional schools that specialize in degree and certification programs for positions in the Security field. Read more below to learn about two of the highest rated and most affordable schools in the Huntsville, Alabama area for Security jobs.

Virginia College Huntsville – Security Programs
Virginia College Huntsville offers several different types of degree programs that will open up the door to security jobs upon graduation. This college offers both a 2 year Associates degree program in Corrections and Criminal Justice as well as a 4 year Bachelors degree program in Corrections and Criminal Justice. The cost of tuition for the Associates degree program is approximately $6,000 and the cost for the Bachelors degree program is around $11,000. Both federal grants, state grants, and loan options are a part of the financial aid process at Virginia College Huntsville. To find out what you and your family qualify for in terms of financial aid you will need to fill out the FAFSA online. You will also need to contact the college Financial Aid and Admissions office directly to get an application for enrollment and an application for financial aid so a complete and realistic package can be offered to you.

Elite Security Patrol Services
If you feel like a rigid, structured college degree program just doesn’t fit your mold don’t worry, Elite Security Patrol Services have the answer for you. Elite Security Patrol offers a cutting edge and extremely thorough 160 hour course that is divided into 4 segments and includes both classroom training and field training. The first phase of the course is the application pre-screening which requires each applicant to pass a drug screen, background check, a reliability survey, and an awareness program. Once all this is squared away, phase 2 covers orientation, general security officer duties, public and client relations, field training, rule and law enforcement, patrol procedures, and criminal law. Phase 3 and 4 are part of the advanced program offered and deal more with mini courses that cover laws related to different crimes such as burglary, drug trafficking, illegal firearms and more. Upon completion of the 160 hour program the participant will receive official security officer status. At this time there is no information on the pricing of the course or how many weeks it spans, but you can visit their website or contact them via phone at (256) 502-1808 for more information.

According to the Alabama Department of Labor statistics on their website, there are currently in the ballpark of 30,000 security jobs available in the state of Alabama in several different categories. Some of the specific job titles include but are not limited to: Security Guards, Private Detectives and Investigators, Transportation Security Screeners, and even Parking Enforcement Officers. The range of pay for these positions can be anywhere from $9 to $40 per hour depending on your level of experience. Over the course of the next 10 years, it is projected by the Department of Labor that there will be roughly a 3% increase in jobs in Security Services, which may not sound like a lot but will account for the creation of about 1,000 new jobs in this field.

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