5 Best Ex-Cop Jobs for Former Law Enforcement

The best ex-cop jobs for former law enforcement are roles that utilize the skill learned from working as a police officer. What jobs can ex-police officers do? What jobs can a retired police officer do? Whether you are retiring from the force or leaving law enforcement for your own personal reasons, some of the best jobs for ex-police officers and the best retirement jobs for law enforcement can come as a surprise.

What do you do After a Career as a Cop or Police Officer?

Admittedly, the best job for former police officers can vary based on the individuals involved. However, there are quite a few ex-cop jobs and second careers for retired police officers that stand out.

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Careers after policing should take full advantage of the skills, experience, and training that police officers receive during their law enforcement careers. With a bachelor’s degree, you have even more options. Here are just a few of the standout jobs for former police officers and careers for retired law enforcement professionals.

1. Security Officer – Security Personnel – Security Detail

Working in security makes a lot of sense as far as ex-law enforcement careers and jobs for former cops go. These types of jobs for ex-cops allow former police officers to use the skills they picked up to protect the public and using them to protect private citizens, VIPs, commercial businesses, and any other entity that requires protection from things like harm, vandalism, and theft.

Security detail can vary widely, which means there are numerous opportunities of various types in this field. For example, armed security detail isn’t the same as an unarmed mall or museum guard, although all those jobs require a former police officer to use the skills they acquired in law enforcement. Equally, working as a bodyguard is wholly different from working as part of a security team in corporate buildings.

2. Private Investigator – Crime Scene Investigator – Background Investigator

Generally, if the job calls for investigation skills, there’s a good chance that it’s one of the best jobs for retired cops. Investigation work is usually a good fit for ex-cop because it is similar to law enforcement.

These types of jobs actively seek former cops and law enforcement professionals through ex-police officer recruitment because former police officers bring the right set of skills to these professions. Alternative careers for police officers give ex-cops the ability to exercise their skills without having to deal with the criminals.

For example, some police officers may have spent a great deal of time at crime scenes, so they already know something about navigating which can help them work as a CSI. These are also jobs for former police officers that take advantage of an officer’s attention to detail.

Background investigators and private investigators can often work their own hours and choose where they want to work, which can make these some of the best jobs for retired cops.

3. Teacher – Consultant – Trainer

Some of the best jobs for retired police officers include careers that involve teaching or training. This is a broad field. And it’s best for ex-cops and retires to choose a path that aligns most with their own skills.

For example, some careers after policing can include leadership training, firearm proficiency training, teaching self-defense, or teaching criminology-related subjects. Working as a police officer gives someone a lot of expertise in particular subjects.

When combined with the proper degree or licensing, these jobs for former cops can work out quite well. These types of second careers for retired police officers can also branch into entrepreneurial businesses.

4. Cybersecurity Specialist – Information and Intelligence Analyst

Cybersecurity offers a lot of different jobs after policing very suitable as careers for ex-cops. Some retired cops may find it surprising that the cybersecurity field welcomes them, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Cybersecurity requires some IT knowledge, so it is one of the careers that can require a little extra education. However, the field needs people who understand criminals, criminal justice, and how to shore up vulnerable systems. This applies to information and intelligence analysts as well. These workers gather and look at information and also help shape security policies.

5. Loss Prevention Specialist – CCTV Operator – Asset Protection

Businesses and retail spaces also offer jobs for former police officers. They need people who know how to identify and prevent theft to prevent loss of assets.

These are good jobs for ex-police officers because they make use of a former officer’s skills, expertise, and ability to sniff out threats, vulnerabilities, and people who may try to commit crimes within a retail space.

CCTV operators must have the ability to identify threats and act on them based on what they see. All these features of the job are what make them some of the best jobs for retired police officers.

The Transition From Law Enforcement to a New Career

Whether you are leaving law enforcement for a new career or looking for a good second career as a retired police officer, your skills are needed. There are many private companies that hire former police officers. In addition, there are also federal jobs for retired police officers. The best retirement jobs for police officers and other careers for police officers are out there. You just need to start looking.

The jobs with police experience listed here only offer some examples of good jobs for former police officers. The skills, training, and experience officers gain on the job lend themselves well to other careers. So, ex-cops are qualified for roles as probation officers, school teachers, and various other careers. Jobs for ex-police officers are plentiful. However, the best job for an ex-cops is the one that fits that individual’s goals.