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Top 10 Online Business Administration Degree Programs for the Security Field

business administration degreeA proper education can take time and require a lot of work. Students spend hours pouring over the websites of their potential schools and look high and low for the information they need. It is often difficult to find, with dozens of links on each website. This list combines all the vital information for the Top-10 Online Business Administration degree programs in the security field. You do not have to go looking for it like you’re on a scavenger hunt. This will get you attending a school much faster and with a lot less research effort.

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Online degrees in particular are most valuable to adults. With an online degree, you can do the work on your own time, in your own house. The flexibility greatly increases the ease of the degree. You can work during your morning coffee or in the evenings after work. That is why online business administration degrees are highly important to consider when getting a degree. See the very best Business Administration programs in the security field in the ranking of these 10 programs.

1. Wilmington University

MBA with a Concentration in Homeland Security

Wilmington University round logoThis wonderful Masters program, offered entirely online, is 12 classes or 36 credit hours. The classes are offered in a 7- or 15-week format and are intended for those who must also work full-time while attending school. There are 3 semesters and 6 blocks in every school year, including during the summer.

Wilmington University is a private, non-profit university. Wilmington uses Blackboard to host its online classes. There are 7,486 graduate students and 11,807 undergraduates. It is located in New Castle, Delaware. Their colors are green and white and their mascot is the Wiley Wildcat.

The classes use online discussions and posting of assignments, as well as Skype, email, and a web conferencing tool named Collaborate. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The average online class size is a small 17 people, making your degree extremely personalized at this school. In fact, in 2014, Wilmington was rated #2 out of the most technologically savvy online schools. This is because they combine Blackboard with Kaltura Building Block software, which adds additional and advanced Multimedia content. There are also online writing workshops, mentoring, a monthly online student association meeting, and round-the-clock technical assistance.

There are seven core classes and five concentration classes. The core classes “[provide] an in-depth and integrated exposure to the fields of economics, finance, accounting, management, leadership, quantitative methods, and business strategy.” The Homeland Security concentration classes keep the focus on the need for increased workers in homeland security. Students learn the significance and key problems of it. They become prepared to work in it.

The degree requirements include:

  • MBA 6000 – Organizational Behavior and Ethical Leadership
  • MBA 6100 – Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 6300 – Quantitative Business Analysis
  • MBA 6400 – Economic and Financial Environment of Business
  • MBA 7200 – Financial Management
  • MBA 7600 – Global Marketing Management
  • MBA 8800 – Business Strategy

Concentration in Homeland Security Includes:

  • MHS 7000 – Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security
  • MHS 7001 – Sociology of Terrorism
  • MHS 7002 – Legal Aspects and Policy of Homeland Security
  • MHS 7003 – Risk Assessment and Management
  • MHS 7004 – Crisis Leadership

Every single student gets the huge financial benefit of paying in-state tuition, which makes this the top program on the list. Paying in-state tuition can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. That’s something everyone needs, right?

3. Northcentral University

MBA in Criminal Justice

Northcentral University round logoAdding to our list of fascinating degrees, Northcentral offers a top-notch Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice. The reason Northcentral is so special is that they offer a 1:1 ratio of faculty to students. This is nearly unheard of. That kind of individualization is priceless. It is well-proven that students do better in smaller class sizes. Imagine what you can do with that focus on your education. In addition, this means that there are no group assignments. In this way, students are completely responsible for their own successes, just as they will be in their own careers.

Core Classes for Business Administration Include:

  • MBA5101 – Foundations for Graduate Study in the Global Business Environment
  • MBA5110 – Managing People and Teams
  • MBA5120 – Applied Decision Making
  • MBA5130 – Managing Business Finances
  • MBA5140 – Operations Management
  • MBA5150 – Innovation and Marketing

The Specialization Includes 3 of the Following Classes:

  • CJ5002 – Juvenile Offender
  • CJ5004 – Organized Crime
  • CJ5006 – Drugs, Values and Society
  • CJ5007 – Current Issues in Law Enforcement
  • CJ5008 – Violence and Society
  • CJ5009 – White Collar Crime
  • CJ5010 – Forensic Scientific Evidence
  • CJ5011 – Survey of Forensic Sciences

It culminates in a 3-credit hour capstone project. This is completed in the hands-on final course, MBA6010 Strategic Planning. It is an intensive, specialized class meant to give real-world experience to its students before they graduate into the actual real world.

The degree has many important factors. It focuses particularly on research and computer skills. Students will be trained in and able to regularly practice their writing and research abilities. As for computers, students will learn how to do APA formatting, properly lay out a research paper, and more. The specialization will help students develop analytical capabilities and advanced skills to work for correctional institutions, law enforcement, and court systems. Students will learn about legal traditions and laws both in the domestic and international spheres. Potential jobs included careers in private sector security firms and many kinds of work in various law enforcement agencies.

Northcentral University has been working for nearly two decades at the long distance education game. They are a private university that offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level programs. There are approximately 4,800 students in the university. NCU is regionally accredited and is much cheaper ($4,000-14,000 cheaper) than comparable universities such as Capella, Walden, and the University of Phoenix. This degree is very cost-efficient for the education one will be receiving. If you’re looking out for your wallet, this school can shoot to the top of your list. But what about the often costly application fees? The best part is, there is a $0 application fee.

4. Liberty University

Master of Business Administration – Criminal Justice

Liberty University round logoLiberty University offers an online MBA in Criminal Justice. The program requires 45 credit hours. Up to 12 previously taken credit hours can be transferred into the program. Students complete most of their classes in 8-week sessions, allowing them to complete the degree faster, as well as have fewer classes to focus on at once. They actually found that their 8-week format is the most effective format for learning in an online distance degree. A few of the classes are still taken in 16-week format. The online classes at Liberty offer many opportunities for student and professor interactions and conversations. This is in part because the classes are limited to 25 students.

The Core Classes Include:

  • BUSI 520 – Strategic Marketing Management
  • BUSI 530 – Managerial Finance
  • BUSI 561 – Legal Issues in Business
  • BUSI 600 – Business Research Methods
  • BUSI 601 – Accounting for Decision Making
  • BUSI 604 – International Business
  • BUSI 610 – Organizational Design & Structure
  • BUSI 620 – Global Economic Environment
  • BUSI 642 – Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
  • BUSI 650 – Operations Management
  • BUSI 690 – Policy & Strategy in Global Competition

Criminal Justice Classes Include:

  • CJUS 500 – Criminal Justice Integration
  • CJUS 520 – Administration of Justice Organizations
  • CJUS 550 – Topics & Trends in Criminal Justice

Liberty University is a private Southern Baptist Christian University that was founded in 1971. It is based in Lynchburg, Virginia. They have 13,800 students on-campus and over 100,000 online. Their school colors are Navy, White, and Red as the “Liberty Flames.” Their mascot is Sparky. They have several prominent rankings, including being the ranked in the Top-10 “Most conservative colleges in the U.S.” by the Young America’s Foundation. Other rankings include 89th of Southern Regional Universities, 23rd best college for veterans, and 122nd in the best online graduate business programs. The online program ranks in the Top 5 online educators. Students must enjoy the program, as in May 2014, 6,500 Liberty University online students walked across the stage for graduation.

5. Saint Leo University

Master of Business Administration/Information Security Management

St Leo University square logoStudents at Saint Leo have a very flexible curriculum in terms of time. Saint Leo also offers 8-week sessions that consist of up to 2 classes each. This means up to 36 credit hours completed in a single year. With the degree requirements being only 36 credit hours, this makes for a fast and comprehensive degree. Alternatively, you can slow down the program and complete it over 5 years as easygoing as you like. Students can begin in any of the 6 yearly terms. If one prefers, they may take up to two concentrations. Additional concentrations are offered in Accounting, Health Care Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Market Research and Social Media Analytics, Project Management, and Sports Business. This allows you to further personalize your degree towards your own interests and future career goals.

Core Degree Requirements Include:

  • MBA525 – Professional Development
  • MBA540 – Managerial Economics
  • MBA560 – Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • MBA565 – Marketing
  • MBA533 – Human Resource Management
  • MBA575 – Global Business Management
  • MBA599 – Strategic Management

These courses give students a wide background in business. The classes address core business management functions, all forms of business communications, team membership and leadership, ethical and economically-feasible business decisions, and implications of the new world economy.

Information Security Management Concentration Includes:

  • COM510 – Management of Information Security
  • COM520 – Systems Security Risk Management
  • COM530 – Network Security Management
  • COM590 – Strategic Planning for Information Security
  • COM540 or 545:
    • COM540 – Disaster Recovery Management
    • COM545 – Web Security Management

An Elective:

  • MBA625 – Internship

The specialty courses teach students the importance of protecting businesses and their information systems security. With emerging technology and security system breaches happening monthly, this is a crucial field. As the university says, “this online degree ensures graduates have the technical skills and business knowledge to lead individuals at the forefront of the war against those who would prey upon us via electronic media.”
The courses explore the management of security for corporations and government, principles of security systems and how to manage security incidents, network and web security management, disaster recovery, and strategic planning for keeping information security up-to-date.

Saint Leo is a private, non-profit university based in Saint Leo, Florida and is the oldest Catholic university in that state. They have been working with online distance learners since the 1990s. In fact, they were among the first to start distance education in the 1970s. They began to educate military men and women during the Vietnam War and have continued ever since. They started education in general in 1889 and have almost 16,000 students across the world. Saint Leo remains in the US News Top-100 degree granting universities in the United States. This is likely due to their terrific 15:1 faculty-student ratio.

They have a few interesting features. To begin with, they desegregated their campus in 1889, before it was even legal to do so in the state of Florida. That history in addition with their groundbreaking military education strategies makes them a very unique institution. They are also a top university in the south, being located only 35 minutes away from the beautiful Tampa. They are known as the green and gold Saint Leo Lions.

6. Herzing University

Master of Business Administration – Public Safety Leadership

Herzing University round logoHerzing University has an MBA in Public Safety Leadership that requires 30 credit hours. They also offer dual MBA/Public Safety Leadership concentrations in Project Management and Healthcare Management. Their online campus was opened in 2003. Students can work from home, a coffee shop, or in a mountain in Tibet if they can find internet service there. US News ranked Herzing as one of their “Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs” in both 2013 and 2014. As they have associate, bachelor, and masters degrees, you can guarantee that their online school is top notch.

They have many goals for their core classes. These include developing analytical skills in “accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management, leadership, information systems, operations, and strategy.” They will know how to integrate diversity into organizations, act as a leader for organizational challenges, be an effective written and oral communicator, and more. The Public Safety Leadership concentration will teach students to work on complex management challenges in public safety.

Required MBA Courses Include:

  • MBA 600 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 606 – Research and Decision Making
  • MBA 615 – Marketing
  • MBA 621 – Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 626 – Information Systems and Technology
  • MBA 631 – Operations and Project Management
  • MBA 639 – Managerial Economics
  • MBA 645 – Finance
  • MBA 690 – Strategic Planning
  • MBA 691 – Graduate Capstone Project **Final semester

Public Safety Leadership Concentration Required Courses Include:

  • MBA 623 – Public Safety Administration
  • MBA 624 – Resource Management for Public Safety

Public Safety Leadership Concentration Elective Courses:
Students must take one of the following.

  • MBA 610 – Human Resource Management
  • MBA 638 – Managing Organizational Performance
  • MBA 647 – Advanced Project Management

Herzing is a unique university. They have a flexible online system for students and all of their professors have doctoral degrees. They were founded by Henry and Suzanne Herzing in 1965 and today, their daughter Renee Herzing is President of the university! In fact, Herzing University is the only accredited, woman-owned university in the United States. They also have an 18:1 faculty-student ratio. They were the first college who began preparing students for careers in the computer industry and they were on the Higher Learning Commission list for best “Military Friendly Schools” in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

7. University of Maryland University College

MBA / Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy

University of Maryland University College round logoThe UMUC dual MBA and Masters is serious business. Students must complete the first degree before they begin on the second degree. The MBA can be the first or the second degree. Both of the degrees are offered fully online. The MBA program alone will take two years with a 10 week term, 4 terms per year. If the degree is completed without interruption, students will pay the same tuition for the entire time. If any breaks are taken, students may have to pay a higher tuition upon returning.

One unique aspect of UMUC is that they have partnerships in Mexico, Canada, and China. Due to this relationship, students can work with students at the various host universities in company-sponsored projects. This international experience is key for future work in the business and security fields. Practical hands-on experience is one of the best ways to get a job straight out of college.

Masters of Business Administration Degree Requirements Include:
The degree requires seven 6-credit seminars for a total of 42 credit hours.

  • AMBA 610 – The Manager in Organizations and Society
  • AMBA 620 – Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace
  • AMBA 630 – The Economics of Management Decisions
  • AMBA 640 – Managing Projects, Operations, and Information Systems
  • AMBA 650 – Marketing Management and Innovation
  • AMBA 660 – Managing Global Business
  • AMBA 670 – Managing Strategy in the Global Marketplace

Required Cyber Security Policy Classes Include:

  • UCSP 615 – Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC
  • CSEC 610 – Cyberspace and Cybersecurity
  • CSEC 620 – Human Aspects in Cybersecurity: Ethics, Legal Issues and Psychology
  • CSEC 635 – National Cybersecurity Policy and Law
  • CSEC 645 – Enterprise Cybersecurity Policy
  • CSEC 655 – Global Cybersecurity
  • CSEC 670 – Cybersecurity Capstone

Their cohort system is also very practical. Those who enter at the same time stay in the same group until the very end of the program. This is particularly useful for online students since it enables them to create long-lasting friendships and network with people in their own program. As a large amount of those who find jobs do so because of people they know, this is a key feature.

UMUC has won numerous awards and recognitions for their programs. Their online MBA program was chosen for several years for the Outstanding eLearning Program by the Instructional Technology Council. Factors that allowed UMUC to win this included its “course development, innovation, student services, faculty development, use of tools and software for teaching and learning at a distance and other issues.” They also received the Best Practices in Distance Learning Programming Silver Award. In 2009 they won the Distance Program of the Year from the Maryland Distance Learning Association. A 2004 Forbes Magazine awarded the MBA program a spot in its top 20 distance learning programs. What does all of this tell you? Their online programs are terrific for students. Not all online programs are created equally and the University of Maryland University College comes out on the top.

The UMUC lists MBA students as qualified for career opportunities in consulting, finance, marketing, general management, corporate planning, and mid-level and senior corporate management. The MBA degree is meant to give students skills in “team work, ethical leadership, and critical thinking” and how it applies to managing businesses. With the dual degree in cyber security, business school graduates are prepared to combine their business and cyber security skills to use in their career. Their website states that there are 50,000 cyber security jobs that will need to be filled in the near future. They prepare student well for this chance.

One way they do this is by giving students the time to actually practice what they will be doing in the future. They have a Virtual Lab. It is a key part of the entire program. Their lab is designed so that students can “combat simulated cyber security attacks” and can learn skills that will be immensely useful in students’ future careers. This lab and the classes are taught by some of the top leaders in the cyber security field. This is due to the lucky fact that the headquarters is located squarely between Virginia’s Cyber Corridor and the Department of Defense’s Cyber Command in Maryland. The professors who teach the classes at UMUC have also worked directly in the field, making them key to giving students a real-world view of the careers that await them.

8. Northcentral University

MBA in Homeland Security

Northcentral University round logoNorthcentral University tops the list twice because they also offer an MBA in Homeland Security. It requires 30 hours to complete the degree and students have as long as five years to do so. They have a 100% Doctoral-holding faculty, which is good for students. They are taught by the best who hold the highest degrees in the field. They have seen and heard of it all.

Business Core Requirements Include:

  • MBA5101 – Foundations for Graduate Study in the Global Business Environment
  • MBA5110 – Managing People and Teams
  • MBA5120 – Applied Decision Making
  • MBA5130 – Managing Business Finances
  • MBA5140 – Operations Management
  • MBA5150 – Innovation and Marketing

Homeland Security Concentrations Includes Choice of 3 of the Following Courses:

  • HS6000 – Terrorism and Countermeasures
  • HS6001 – Homeland Security Transportation
  • HS6002 – International Crime and Terrorism
  • HS6003 – Homeland Security Risk Management
  • HS6020 – Maritime Terrorism

Homeland Security Concentration Requirement:

  • MBA6010 – Strategic Planning* Capstone Course, 3 Credit Hours

The degree combination of these two fields are meant to enhance your business and homeland security skills. Graduates will be well prepared for management careers in both local and federal governments. There is no limit as to how far one can go. In addition to the numerous key business skills such as analysis, fiscal management, and organizational leadership, the degree will lead students into a world of homeland security. The classes cover everything important relating to “crisis management and the history of terrorism, prevention and response. [It also explores] the psychological, environmental and cultural factors that can drive individuals to commit such acts.”

Because every course at the university is taught one-on-one, students can start classes in any given week during the school year. You can take the class you want when you need it. You will not have to worry about waitlists, cancelled courses, or a delay in getting the courses you need right now. This flexibility is invaluable to students who have to deal with juggling other top priorities in their lives.

10. James Madison University

Information Security Master of Business Administration

James Madison University round logoThis MBA in Information Security includes 14 courses. 10 of those are specifically for business administration. 4 of those are classes that focus on how information security relates to business dealings. All classes will have a focus on and opportunity for combing both of the fields together. Information Security intertwines beautifully with business administration in this degree from James Madison University.

All Required Courses Include:

  • MBA 618 – Information Systems Strategy and Leadership
  • MBA 680 – Introduction to Information Security
  • MBA 600 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 610 – Quantitative Methods
  • MBA 620 – Accounting for Decision-Making & Control
  • MBA 617 – Corporate Financial Decision Making
  • MBA 641 – The Microeconomics of Business Decision Making
  • MBA 681 – Managing System Network
  • MBA 615 – International Supply Chain and Logistics
  • MBA 654 – Investment Analysis
  • MBA 613 – Foundations of Marketing Leadership
  • MBA 682 – Managerial Computer Forensics
  • MBA 685 – Information Security Ethics & Policy
  • MBA 691 – Strategic Organizational Leadership in Dynamic Environments

These rankings can show you a lot of what you need to know to choose a graduate program. The most important things to consider are your very own needs. Think about the flexibility of the degree you need- how many weeks do you want each class to be? Do you need to be able to easily take time off if an occasion arises? Tuition is important as well, so see if they charge extra for online classes or if you can get in-state tuition simply for being an online student. Take a close look at the classes required- do they focus on exactly the things you need to learn most for your chosen career? All these important questions and more must be focused upon to find your perfect school. When considering an online degree in Business Administration with a focus on Security, knowledge is power.

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