What are the Most Common Security Jobs?

The most common security jobs offer stable employment and decent pay with few requirements for new employees. However, while many people begin security jobs right after high school, a college education does help secure a competitive job. There are many different types of security jobs but the following jobs are the most common today. Careers in security and protective services are abundant and are available with all levels of experience.

Industrial Establishments

Perhaps the most common security jobs are those that involve industrial establishments. This can include such positions as night watchmen, gatekeepers, rovers, and alarm respondents. These persons typically work for large businesses and only deal with vendors and employees of the business.

Retail Establishments

Other common security jobs are those involving retail establishments. A common security role is a member of the loss prevention team. Their jobs typically entail watching for and catching shoplifters, preventing vandalism and employee theft, and patrolling parking lots.

Hospitality Businesses

These security professionals often work in hotels, amusement parks, casinos, stadiums, and concert halls. Persons who choose to work in these environments interact with large amounts of people every day. As such, they are often extremely busy and need to be able to handle a lot of pressure. In addition to the general security position, many of the places also have armed security jobs and cyber security roles to fill.

Residential Security

People who work within residential security have roles in places like gated communities and apartment complexes. Their responsibilities often involve checking passes, writing parking tickets, attending homeowner’s meetings, and ensuring residents’ safety.

Civilian Security

Civilian security professionals are commonly known as bodyguards. They work for a vast array of different people including politicians and wealthy people. They frequently work for high-profile individuals such as actors, actresses, musicians, and famous doctors or lawyers. Many careers in private security are rewarding financially.

Common Security Jobs Training Requirements

These are the most common security jobs today. The training requirements depend on many factors including the type of job you choose, its location, and your employer. Some positions offer on-the-job training while others require some form of a college education. Additionally, many security positions require weapons training.

Not only can security jobs be extremely exciting, but they also offer stability and comfortable salaries. Furthermore, there are many different security jobs from which to choose. If you like the idea of keeping the public safe and having fun at the same time, a security job may be the right choice for you.