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Best Online Network Security Degree Programs 2018

Are you looking to get an online network security degree? These coveted degrees allow you to enter an exciting career field with high salaries, unique challenges and a constantly changing job environment that will help you grow and learn. At the same time, getting a job in network security is tough because a company won’t give the keys to their network to just anybody. You need to be qualified, and you can only be qualified by participating in an intensive course that prepares you for the challenges of managing and securing a network.

These colleges and their online degree programs will give you the golden ticket to this career field.

Purdue University

Purdue University
Purdue University offers both four-year and six-year degrees through their online program. It’s usually better to go for the six-year degree because network security is a crowded field, but the four-year degree might be enough if you have other credentials.

Regardless of which degree that you choose, Purdue University has many courses dedicated to securing and managing a network. Students learn how to build a secure network and software applications, deal with general security problems and how to test the network for breaches and vulnerabilities. While Purdue University’s computer security program is fairly general, you can easily specialize in network security by taking the right classes.

If you want a six-year degree or a program that focuses on overall security, then Purdue University is your best choice.

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Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT logoThe Rochester school teaches students to be more analytical about network security because most classes are about identifying problems and doing forensics to see what happened to the network. There are classes about understand the impact of malware and viruses on networks, the value of keeping hackers out of the system and how to identify a range of problems.

If you go for their six-year degree program, then you will also learn about the ethics of the internet and networks, enterprise security and securing a database from beginning to end. Authentication and cryptography are also classes that you can take to improve your understanding of how hackers think, which will prove beneficial because you can quickly shut down their attack based on their pattern and personality.

Check out RIT’s Computing Security Program

Keiser University

Keiser University logoThis university only offers a two-year degree, but many employers like how the program is structured. Keiser University doesn’t just show you how to secure a network, though this is one of the main focuses of the program. The university is also concerned with show you the business side of your actions. You will understand how the network must conform to the needs of the business, as well as how you can quickly adapt to business changes while keeping the network secure.

The program is also realistic because it forces students to face common problems like checking for vulnerabilities, stopping a hacker and hardening the network so that hackers can’t easily pass through open ports or other amateurish mistakes.

Check out Keiser’s MSIS Program

California Intercontinental University

California Intercontinental University logoThe problem with many tech schools is that they require some type of previous knowledge. For example, you will often need to know a little bit about creating a network if you want to keep up with the course work. Not only that, but basic information is rarely touched during classes.

This isn’t the case with the California Intercontinental University. Although you can get a four-year degree from this college, the entire program takes a staggered approach by being accessible to newcomers at first before getting into the hard stuff.

If you are just starting with technology, or if you want to change careers, then you might want to consider this college because you will learn about network software, utilizing servers and other network hardware and how a network works in general. The classes will then become more difficult because you will learn about optimizing the network, product testing and systems security management.

If you need an accessible program that shows you what to do from the very beginning, then the California Intercontinental University is the right school for you.

Check out CalUniversity’s Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology Degree Online

Baker College

Baker College logoBaker College emphasizes versatility, teamwork and knowledge above all else. You will learn about teamwork by working in teams to solve problems and understanding how you must help everyone else to ensure that the business stays safe. You will also be able to enter many different fields, like healthcare or banks, because you will be versatile enough to deal with each industry’s specific problems.

If you want a mid-level or high-level tech job in network security and you aren’t very picky about which company hires you, then Baker College is the best. By the time you finish, you will be capable of securing a network from the moment it is made.

Go to Baker’s Bachelor of Information Technology and Security

Boston University

Boston University logoBoston University’s six-year online degree program emphasizes responsiveness above all else. While most colleges will prepare you to intercept a hacker based on common behaviors, the reality is that each hacker is completely different. One might use a common tactic while another might bewilder you by using unconventional digital warfare.

Being ready for anything is the motto of anyone working in network security. You will learn how to quickly respond to any danger regardless of what the hacker is doing. This ensures that you can efficiently stop any attack without stumbling. You should also have no problem finding a job once you graduate because this college is very popular with employers. Most graduates are able to secure jobs within a few months.

See Boston University’s Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University logoThis university is very different from the others, but that may not be a bad thing considering what you are looking for. All of the other colleges on this list reward you with a degree in computer science, digital security or another similar field. The Colorado Christian University has a business administration program with a network security specialization.

This means that the degree is much more focused on running and being part of a business, but you will still learn everything that you need to know about making and security networks. The emphasis on business will allow you to work with enterprises, large financial organizations and even government agencies because they will trust that you have enough business knowledge to help their company grow.

Another unique thing is that the Colorado Christian University teaches students how to manage a business and secure a network from a Christian perspective. If you are religious or want a degree that focuses both on network security and business, then this is your best choice.

Check out CCU’s MBA Degree in Information Security

Grantham University

Grantham University logoGrantham University offers you a few unique benefits that you won’t obtain from many other tech schools. First of all, this university does have some basic classes for people that are just starting their tech career. For example, you can take classes on basic operating systems, security protocols and a newcomer’s guide to networking.

This university focuses on helping students protect businesses. The entire program is built around the principle so that you can do your best to secure the business from harm. The best thing about this college is that it helps prepare you for three powerful certifications.

Degrees are great, but applications with both degrees and certifications are viewed as a cut above regular applications. Once you finish the degree program, you can immediately and quickly get the Network+, CISSP and Security+ certifications to bolster your resume.

Go to Grantham’s Online Information Systems Security Program website

Kaplan University

Kaplan UniversityKaplan University believes that teaching a student about all of the various hacker attacks is the best way to prepare you for a real encounter with a hacker. Students will learn about how to stop worms, Trojans, viruses and direct hacker conflicts. You will also learn about how hackers communicate, make software and the most common types of attacks so that you are ready to guard the network when the time comes.

Not only that, but all students are expected to learn and comprehend various high-level IT concepts like ethical hacking, penetration testing, network forensics and overall network defense.

Check out Kaplan’s Master of Science in Information Technology

Getting a degree in network security is the first step towards getting a job in this field. It’s almost impossible to get one of these jobs without first proving yourself capable enough to handle a network. All of these online colleges will ensure that you are prepared and properly trained to secure any business’s network.

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