25 Top Online Cybersecurity MBA Programs

The top online Cybersecurity MBA programs give information security professionals a flexible path to leadership roles and an advanced degree. Cybersecurity is one of the most high-demand, growing industries that has opened many doors for newly graduated students and working professionals interested in the field of Information Technology.

The cybersecurity field is all about safeguarding and protecting an individual’s or an organization’s computer systems, network, and any computer data they want to keep secure from unwanted guests or cybercriminals. Jobs in the cybersecurity field can range from IT specialists to corporate executives. Most top executives in the field have an online MBA in cybersecurity to prove their dedication and leadership abilities, and as a valuable asset to the cybersecurity field. Students enrolled in an MBA in Cybersecurity program will learn practical skills in leadership, management, and communication. Some specialization courses may also be available to those looking for a more concentrated line of work. 

Below are the top online cybersecurity MBA programs. The Universities and College programs mentioned above provide not only the most comprehensive online MBA programs, but they may also offer practical knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders in the field. Although all are available online, some do offer a vibrant on-campus living experience. Other factors may include affordability, top rankings, expert faculty, renowned accreditations, and low student-to-faculty ratios. With these factors, it may be hard to choose. Yet there is always one that will fit your needs. 

1. James Madison University

online mba in cybersecurity

The MBA degree in information security at James Madison University prepares graduate students to become leaders within the cybersecurity field. Designed for managers and working professionals, the degree will introduce the business fundamentals of information security. The curriculum focuses on managerial decision making, analytical problem solving, oral and written communication, and theoretical construction applications.

This course program will also address important issues taught from the functional business disciplines. The master’s degree requires applicants to have a minimum of two years of professional work experience related to InfoSec. The master’s program is available as a hybrid format of live virtual classes and also an in-person option, where students meet every two weeks. The MBA degree is also available and students can receive an NSA-approved certificate in Information Systems Security. JMU offers 139 degrees and provides a low student-to-teacher ratio. 

Highlights: hybrid format available, small classes, NSA-approved program, interactive learning, over 100 degrees available.

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2. Bellevue University

online mba in cybersecurity

The MBA in Cyber Security at Bellevue University is an online program for working professionals in the Information Security field. Graduate students will gain the critical skills needed for the career-focused business industry. Organizational, problem solving, decision making, and team building are other skills introduced in the master’s degree program.

Other topics included in the program are finance, accounting, marketing, media, logistics, performance, and innovation. Bellevue also offers an accelerated MBA first to those eligible. All faculty members are highly trained and are experts in the cybersecurity field. The complete program is 36 credits with 12 transfer credits accepted. Nine credits of the program are from concentrated courses. Bellevue University is a Military-friendly institution, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The college offers flexible online courses, affordable degree options, and accepts transfer credits. Bellevue is among the best online MBA in cybersecurity programs in the nation. 

Highlights: 36 credits, flexible scheduling, top rankings, IACBE-accreditation, Military-friendly.

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3. University of South Florida

online mba in cybersecurity

The University of South Florida offers an online MBA in Cybersecurity program, designed to prepare working professionals for a rewarding career in information security management. This course includes a capstone, focused on integrating concepts through project work and applied cases.

Courses will require the basics of Information Security and Risk Management, and Decision Processes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Students may also choose from Distributed Information Systems or Data Networks, Systems, and Security for their core classes. The course also includes one elective. The concentration will be a total of 12 credits. A certificate option is also available to eligible students. USF is one of the top public schools for Veterans nationwide. The 2025 class will feature not only the largest but the most academically accomplished and diverse students throughout USF history.  USF is also among the top online MBA in cybersecurity programs nationwide. 

Highlights: certificate option, Military-friendly, concentrated courses, top rankings.

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4. American University

The MBA in Cybersecurity at American University is an online program, designed for career-seeking professionals, want to learn strategic management and communication skills to advance into leadership roles. The MBA program will prepare students for leadership and financial analysis skills, building on operational effectiveness in the workplace. Courses will cover foundational business practices, and help students develop a business plan to succeed. Topics may include understanding the time value of money concepts, cost concepts, and break-even analysis, as well as financial statement comprehension. Select courses include Strategic Thinking for Decisions, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and Manager in the International Economy.

On average, students will complete the program in 24 months.  However, the program does offer a 12-month, 15-month, or 18-month track. There are 48 credits to complete the program; broken down as 13 core courses, 2 elective courses, and 2 in-person immersions. According to the US News & World Report, American University’s program is among the top programs with financial benefits available for veterans. 

Highlights: Highly Ranked for Affordability and Accessibility! 48 credits, several start dates, and holds top accreditations.

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5. Florida Tech

Florida Tech’s fully online MBA in Cybersecurity prepares working professionals for an IT career, specializing in cyber security principles. Students will learn how to analyze policies, tech trends, and intelligence while identifying current and emerging cyber threats. The curriculum will also introduce core business principles from a management perspective.

Courses also will cover how to evaluate practices and procedures to prevent or minimize these cyber attacks. Florida Institute of Technology holds accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges for all education levels. There is no work experience needed to enroll and no GRE/GMAT requirement is necessary to take the course program. The total MBA in cybersecurity program is 36 credits, with a 24-month completion time. Florida Tech’s MBA program is among the top programs by the Princeton Review. 

Highlights: 36 credits, top rankings, two-year program, highly accredited. low student-to-faculty ratio.

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6. University of Baltimore

University of Baltimore’s online MBA in Cybersecurity and Organizational Resilience program prepares graduate students for a worthwhile career in the field of information technology. The program focuses on topics such as Marketing Essentials, Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Mindset, Introduction to Operations Management, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurial Finance. Students will learn to plan for, mitigate, and be responsive to any risks or threats associated with digital technologies.

The complete program is between 42-48 credits, depending on accepted transfer credits. A capstone course is included. Specialization courses may include digital innovation and transformation, and Visual Business Intelligence. The college offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees with low tuition rates. The University of Baltimore is home to the Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. The town provides an array of public transportation, 18th-century cobblestone streets, and the National Aquarium; with many downtown upscale stores and eateries. UB also offers accelerated programs. 

Highlights: specializations, affordable tuition, fast track curriculum, booming downtown environment.

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7. University of Texas at Tyler

The online MBA in Cyber Security degree at the University of Texas at Tyler prepares cybersecurity professionals for a career-focused curriculum. The courses will provide cyber security concepts of real threats and case studies that are analyzed and reviewed by professionals in the field. Students will learn how to assess risk from a system point of view, address the impact to an organization if data is lost, and make recommendations to reduce vulnerabilities.

The program is 36 credits with some transfer credits accepted. In addition, the MBA in cybersecurity only takes about 12 months to complete. The cyber security program at UT offers core foundational courses to become industry leaders and provides strong managerial skills for a successful career. The MBA in Cybersecurity is NSA-accredited. The University of Texas at Tyler also offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.  UT is among the best online MBA in cybersecurity programs nationwide. 

Highlights: military-friendly, low student-to-faculty, affordable tuition, 12 months to completion, 36 credits.

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8. Baylor University

Baylor University’s MBA in Cyber Security prepares graduate students for an exciting career in the field of Information Technology. Working professionals in cybersecurity will enjoy a flexible scheduling format, filled with integrated courses designed to provide relevant business knowledge. Students will learn to apply ideas, concepts, and results from information security disciplines.  Courses will cover Strategic Management & Business Policy and Organizational Strategies for Cybersecurity.

The curriculum also will give students the knowledge to evaluate and perceive cyber threats in the context of data quality. The MBA degree in cybersecurity at Baylor is nationally-accredited and is completely online. The program takes only 12 months and provides a world-class faculty. Baylor University, located in Waco, TX, is among the top National Universities, according to the US News and World Report. The school offers a variety of clubs and school organizations to participate in throughout Central Texas. 

Highlights: top rankings, expert faculty, low student-to-faculty ratio, flexible class schedules.

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9. John Brown University

John Brown University’s MBA in Cybersecurity is an online program, designed to prepare graduate students with the foundational knowledge of cybersecurity and become leaders in the field. The MBA program bridges the gap between cybersecurity and organizational leadership and shows students the best way to protect data from unnecessary cyber threats. Students will learn how to communicate and lead teams through risk mitigation and security policy while gaining an understanding of finance, marketing, and economics. The program varies between 36-45 credit hours, depending on completing undergraduate business-related coursework. Most students can finish their MBA degree in less than two years. The instructors at John Brown University are known as experts in the cybersecurity field and provide real-world experience.

Founded in 1919, John Brown University provides top-ranked programs with academic, spiritual and professional foundations for world-impacting careers.

Highlights: top rankings, 36-45 credits, transfer credits accepted, expert staff/faculty, two-year program.

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10. University of Dallas

The University of Dallas offers an MBA with a Cybersecurity Concentration to working professionals wanting to advance in the information technology career field. The course will teach students cybersecurity foundational principles in the areas of data protection, compliance and legal issues, and operational cybersecurity management. In addition, a basic foundation in the functions of a business is also introduced within the MBA program. The total MBA program is 39 credit hours and students can complete it in about two academic years.

Located in Irving, the University of Dallas offers several start dates for its programs and accepts transfer credits from other nationally accredited institutions. The University of Dallas also provides a wide range of student services, organizations, and resources to both on-campus and online students to get involved in. Community involvement is one of their top priorities for both new and returning students. 

Highlights: 39 credits, top accreditations, transfer credits accepted, concentration courses available.

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11. Lawrence Technological University

The MBA in Cybersecurity at Lawrence Technological University prepares students for an exciting career in the information technology field. This online program will provide advanced knowledge of cybersecurity principles and help students build on leadership, business, and management l skills.

The program will also provide practical business knowledge for graduate students to make critical decisions in real-world business situations. Some students will find employment opportunities at companies, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies. The complete MBA degree in cybersecurity at LTU is 36 credit hours, with nine concentrated credits. The college also offers a 100% online curriculum, making it convenient to get your study time wherever and whenever you like. Most students can finish their master’s degree in less than 2 years. LTU also provides competitive tuition rates that are affordable to most students.

Located in Road Southfield, MI, the university provides accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. 

Highlights: 2-year program, concentrated classes, affordable tuition, top accreditations.

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12. Murray State University

Murray State University’s online MBA in Cybersecurity prepares graduate students and working professionals for a rewarding IT career. The program will provide students with business skills in the areas of accounting, business analytics, managerial economics, corporate finance, marketing, and more. The 30-credit curriculum will teach students about making business decisions around data networks and information system security.

Students will learn to mitigate security breaches and how to use techniques to protect an organization’s privacy, software, and important information. The full course can be finished in only 12 to 18 months. Murray State University provides one of the most affordable tuition programs nationwide. Graduates do need to complete two free, self-paced modules in accounting and economics, which are available to take at the same time as the core courses. Murray has been accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) since 1981.

Highlights: accelerated course program, AACSB accredited, 30 credits, affordable tuition.  

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13. University of North Carolina Wilmington

The MBA in Cybersecurity at the University of North Carolina Wilmington prepares working professionals for a comprehensive program, built on leadership skills needed to advance in the cybersecurity field. The MBA in Cybersecurity curriculum consists of 12 courses (36 credit hours), including 30 credit hours of MBA core courses and six credit hours of electives. Courses are available in 7-week intervals, with no prerequisites or foundation courses required.

The program takes about 12 months to complete. The MBA in cybersecurity at UNC Wilmington is an AACSB-accredited master’s degree program. The program will introduce students to understand the knowledge of core business management areas. Courses will include business law, accounting, information analysis, business analysis, operations management, economics, marketing, strategic management, and more. The master’s degree program is taught by highly devoted professionals working in the cybersecurity field. Some admission requirements may be necessary to enroll in the graduate program. 

Highlights: AACSB-accredited, 36 credit course, short 7-week classes, affordable tuition, small classes.

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14. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s online MBA in Cybersecurity program is designed for professionals in the Information Technology field. The program will blend studies in modern business management with a cutting-edge cybersecurity curriculum. The course is for those in middle management and top executives looking to advance in their cyber security careers.

Students in the MBA cybersecurity degree will benefit from ethical decision-making, critical application analysis, and business growth planning. Graduates will also design effective cybersecurity programs, preventing and correcting security weaknesses. Each course completes in just 8 short weeks and the total program is 54 credits. Students have the option to transfer up to 12 credits. GCU offers a Christian worldview in all its programs and provides affordable tuition for all students. Evening courses may be available for certain degree programs. GCU offers a variety of community outreach programs for students to prosper and become leaders when they leave.  

Highlights: transfer credits accepted, community outreach programs, evening classes offered, short courses.

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15. Missouri State University

online mba in cybersecurity

Missouri State University’s MBA in Information Technology and Cybersecurity is a fully online program, offering classes to help students advance in the field of cyber security and provide opportunities for higher positions. Though it is an online program, courses are available during the day and evening classes for those on campus.

The MBA in cybersecurity offers both a traditional and accelerated format. The traditional program completes in 33 credit hours and finishes in less than 2 years. However, the accelerated program can be completed in less than 12 months. The accelerated program allows students to take up to 6 hours of 600- or 700- level credit that double-count for undergraduate requirements. The MBA in cybersecurity is AACSB-accredited and courses will provide real-world experience to all students. Missouri State, located in Springfield, provides several start dates for the majority of its programs and offers dual credit to eligible high school students.

Highlights: 33 credits, accelerated format, several start dates, exceptional faculty, top accreditations.

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16. Cedarville University

online mba in cybersecurity

The MBA in Cybersecurity Management is an online program at Cedarville University, designed for working professionals. The program will provide students with advancement opportunities in the cybersecurity field. The course will focus on security laws and policies, identify risk in an organization’s data, and help create security solutions that will benefit the cybersecurity industry.

Courses will cover topics on enterprise security architecture, foundations of risk management, and an Introduction to Cybersecurity. The MBA in Cybersecurity also requires a capstone course, offered at the end of the program. The MBA in cybersecurity management program provides accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP). Cedarville also offers a 12-hour, online Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management, available to those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Cedarville University offers degree programs at all levels, including graduate certificates. 

Highlights: ACBSP-accredited, certificate offered, Capstone required, courses are Biblical and Theologically-based, affordable tuition.

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17. University of West Florida

University of West Florida’s MBA in Information Security Systems prepares graduates for one of the most rewarding career paths available today. The program will teach students how to protect corporate information assets from being cyber-hacked, or attacking a business or organization’s computer infrastructure. Courses will cover how to identify potential threats and cybersecurity dilemmas and develop security management solutions. Graduates will learn the ability to analyze key elements of a complex business problem, identify problems, and find alternatives to solve critical issues.

Students will also learn teamwork skills, which include leadership, group problem-solving and consensus-building. The curriculum consists of 36 credits, which includes 27 core credits geared to cybersecurity principles. Some transfer credits are accepted. The complete program is 16 months. UWF has temporarily waived the GRE and GMAT for this program. Located in Pensacola, FL, UWF offers a wide range of career programs for undergraduates and graduate students. 

Highlights: GRE/GMAT waived, transfer credits accepted, vibrant college life, 36 credit program, many degree options.

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18. Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University offers an MBA in Cybersecurity program, designed for professionals in today’s business industry. The program is completely available online. Courses promote an understanding of skillful knowledge of entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, finance, economics, accounting, strategic management and marketing. Students will learn the value of business ethics, social responsibility, and an analytical emphasis on quantitative skills. Graduate certificates are also available to graduate students.

The MBA in cybersecurity program at Salve also provides a dual credit option as a combined bachelor’s/master’s program that students can finish in only five years. However, the program by itself only takes 18 to 24 months to complete and is IACBE accredited. The program is available six times per academic year. Salve Regina University provides students with exceptional instructors from leading cybersecurity industries around the nation. This MBA program is also among the best online MBA in cybersecurity programs nationwide. 

Highlights: under two years to complete, IACBE accredited, expert instructors from the field, exceptional preparation for the industry.

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19. Saint Leo University

online mba in cybersecurity

Saint Leo University’s MBA in Cyber Security online program, is designed for working professionals. This degree program will provide graduates with a bachelor’s degree and the technical and business skills to become leaders at the forefront of the cybersecurity field. Courses will include Principles of Cybersecurity Management, Human Capital for Organizational Performance, Marketing, Network Security Management, and Strategic Planning for Cybersecurity. Students can choose an elective from one of the following: Disaster Recovery Management or Web Services Security.

Knowledge of computer forensics, computer operations, and networking may be helpful to know prior to enrollment. The total credit hours is between 33 – 36 credits, depending on accepted transfer hours completed. An optional internship course is also available. The online MBA provides accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP).

MBA students have the option to take up to two courses per eight-week term.  Completion of the 36 credits takes about one year in the accelerated course format. Saint Leo University, located in Florida, is one of the top-ranked universities in the state. 

Highlights: 33 – 36 credits, transfer credits accepted, optional internship, electives offered.

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20. Walsh College

Walsh College’s MBA in cybersecurity merges business skills from an MBA with the cyber risk skills needed to be successful in today’s technological world. Courses introduce strategic visioning, risk management, and process maturity in business and technical operations, while preparing professionals to build a career in a successful organization. With a dual-degree option, students can finish their cybersecurity MBA program in as little as one year.

Additionally, Walsh is one of the first schools in Michigan recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD).The school’s faculty members bring years of academic excellence and expertise with real-world experience. WU’s cybersecurity MBA program is 36 credits and completes in about 12 months. There is no GMAT or GRE required. Walsh is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Walsh College, located in Troy, MI, offers flexible classes, a lifetime of career services, and plenty of transfer credits. 

Highlights: 36 credits, one-year program, awesome staff, HLC accredited, top rankings.

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21. St. Thomas University (FL)

The MBA in Cybersecurity Management at St. Thomas University is an online, multidisciplinary program, that prepares students for an exciting career path into IT concepts and foundational aspects in the field. St. Thomas’ MBA in cybersecurity’s core curriculum will emphasize a broad range of skills. These include managerial accounting, policy and planning, strategy systems, international business, data analytics, financial management, and organizational behavior.

Students will learn comprehensive knowledge of cyber security management, and skills in business, computer science, law, and criminal justice. In addition, cryptography, operating systems protection, and network security is also taught. Graduates will not graduate without learning cutting-edge aspects of software and internet law, news misappropriation, and network neutrality. The program is fully online, and takes about 12 months, with 36-45 credit hours offered. Students can choose from six start dates during the year. The MBA in cybersecurity at STU is among the most affordable degrees available nationwide.

Highlights: 36-45 credit hours, 12 months, multidisciplinary program, several start dates.

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22. McKendree Universityonline mba in cybersecurity

McKendree University’s MBA in Cyber Defense is an online degree program that opens the doors to professional leaders working to make a difference in cybersecurity. The course will introduce students to the daily operations of securing information and technology throughout the business world. Graduate students will learn courses geared for leaders in the field.

Common topics include Economics of the Firm, Stakeholder Management and Ethics, Advanced Concepts in Cyber Defense, and Cyber Threat Assessment and Response. McKendree University also provides professors with real-world experience in the field who are dedicated to each student’s success. The complete Cyber Defense program is 39 credits and takes approximately 18 months. The MBA program also prepares students to become business leaders in technology and information security, by using the school’s flexible online format. The college also offers several start dates throughout the year.  

Highlights: 39 credits, 18 months, flexible schedule, multiple start dates.

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23. Regent University

Regent University’s MBA in Cybersecurity Management bridges the gap between business and information technology. This program will prepare graduates to become top executives and leaders within cybersecurity and beyond. The program will focus on business, cybersecurity technology, and strategic planning and concepts. Students will gain the foundational skills to manage security plans and strategies in disaster recovery.

Whether going into the business field or IT of a corporation, this MBA degree provides the necessary principles and concepts to excel in the cybersecurity industry. Graduates will find competitive pay from many agencies and businesses nationwide. The total credits for completing the program are 42 credits. The program also provides accreditation by the ACSBP. Additionally, Regent ranks among the top National Universities by the US News and World Report.

Highlights: top rankings, 42 credits, ACSBP accredited, low student-to-faculty ratio.

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24. Utica College

The MBA in Cybersecurity online program at Utica College offers a 30-credit degree. The course program prepares working professionals in cybersecurity with the skills to become leaders in one of the most fast-growing careers that are constantly changing. The program combines business education with the basics of Cybersecurity. Sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, the MBA in cybersecurity program at Utica College offers courses that will build a student’s confidence when finding the job of a lifetime.

The complete program takes only two years and there is no GRE/GMAT required. There are 18 foundational credits and also 12 specialization credits in the MBA in cybersecurity. The course program is also recognized for academic excellence by the Defense Cyber Crime Center and the EC-Council, one of the premier certifying bodies in cybersecurity. 

Highlights: 30 credits, specialization classes, top accreditations and rankings, no GRE/GMAT required.

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25. Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University‘s MBA in Cybersecurity is a fully online program, equipping graduates with the business knowledge and technical skills to enter the top cybersecurity organizations in the industry. Students will learn both management and leadership ingenuity that corporations are searching for. Courses may include Foundations of Business and Information Security Principles, Business Administration, Cyber Criminology, Security Policy, and Governance, and Theoretical aspects of Cybersecurity.

The MBA in cybersecurity at CCU only takes about 18 months to complete and offers 39 credits of fundamental knowledge in the field. CCU, located in Lakewood, CO, offers low student-to-teacher ratios, and affordable tuition costs, and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The college also accepts up to nine transfer credits for the MBA degree and the majority of courses are in 5-week sessions.

CCU Memberships consist of the AACSB International; Council for Christian Colleges and Universities; Council of Independent Colleges; Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability; and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. 

Highlights: fully online, 39 credits, small classes, 5-week courses, 18 months to complete.

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Why Should I Get My Cybersecurity MBA Online?

There are many reasons to get an MBA in cybersecurity online. Some benefits are that it provides the students with the convenience and flexibility to take courses whenever and wherever they want.  Whether you are working from home or sitting down at your local coffee shop, students will have access to obtain an online degree. Students can apply themselves to an online MBA program and receive the skills and knowledge to be successful in the cybersecurity field.

An online MBA in cybersecurity is often affordable as well. As with other advanced degrees, the cybersecurity program also prepares graduates for a comprehensive curriculum with leadership and technical courses. Many graduate students of the online MBA in cybersecurity will also receive promotional and advanced career opportunities. The bottom line, getting an online degree offers many benefits to the prospective student. However, the cybersecurity MBA will prove to be a rewarding journey.

What are the Admission Requirements for a Cybersecurity MBA?

The admission requirements for a Cybersecurity MBA program may vary depending on the university or institution offering the program. However, below are some common requirements.

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Official transcripts with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Resume showing relevant work experience in the information security field.
  • GMAT or GRE scores. Many MBA online programs require applicants to submit scores from either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  • Personal statement or essay outlining academic and professional background and career goals.

Are There Jobs for an MBA in Cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity field is very broad and offers many career choices for those who earn an MBA in cybersecurity. Students can find employment with law enforcement, administrative offices, public safety, and government entities such as the NSA and the DHS. For example, some career opportunities are Project Managers, Security Directors, Senior Information Security Analysts, IT Directors, Chief Information Officers, and Cybersecurity Consultants.

Cyber Security jobs that can stem from the MBA program may also include Operations Manager, Implementation Manager, Administrative Services Manager, and Management Analyst. Each career path will provide the graduate with the necessary skills and training experience they need to become successful leaders in the field of cybersecurity. 

As one can see, the list of careers in cybersecurity provides endless opportunities and can be found in all types of workplaces. From public sectors to private institutions, to nonprofit organizations. Finding employment is easy when the graduate has the education and work ethic to make it happen and be successful.

How Much Can I Make with an MBA in Cyber Security?

An MBA in cyber security salary can vary, depending on the career path one chooses after graduation. Some common factor to consider is the city or state the job is in. Other factors are the work experience and training obtained before and during the MBA degree taken. Consider the Information Security Analyst job.  According to the BLS, the median pay is $112,000 per year.

Although entry-level positions only require a bachelor’s in cybersecurity, to receive advancements and continued promotions, most employers will recommend graduates to earn an MBA in the field. The job outlook for Information Security Analysts is looking very promising as well. Approximately 33% job growth in this occupation is expected by the year 2030. Other possible positions similar to the Information Security Analyst are Information Systems managers, computer research specialists, and Database Administrators. 

Whatever occupation you may go into, know that choosing the cybersecurity field will bring many benefits and offer a lucrative salary. The career path of a cyber security graduate will always find plenty of opportunities along the way. Taking advantage of this ever-changing field will always provide a worthwhile future to all who venture into it.