What is the Cyber Security Job Outlook?

The Cyber Security job outlook is positive and there are many advanced cybersecurity jobs for master’s degree graduates A cybersecurity professional with a master’s degree will find that their professional services will be in great demand. SDH has done the research, and the final verdict is that more equals more. Don’t put off advancing your education in the field of cybersecurity. More schooling now will reap benefits later.

Advanced Cybersecurity Jobs for Master’s Degree Graduates

A cybersecurity professional is responsible for protecting massive amounts of private data, from social security information to sensitive military information. According to Cyberseek, a cybersecurity careers list would likely include the following masters in cybersecurity jobs:

Mid-level Cybersecurity Jobs

These are jobs that directly influence business strategies.

  • Vulnerability Test Manager
  • A Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Consultant/Manager

Advanced Level Cybersecurity Jobs

Positions that require more accountability and responsibility than that of mid-level managers but do so by providing the advanced level manager with more freedom.

  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • A Cybersecurity Architect Manager
  • Cybersecurity Engineer

So, is cybersecurity a good career choice? The answer is yes. Cybersecurity professionals can look forward to continued strong demand for their services.

Cybersecurity Management Career Expectations

Professionals with cybersecurity management jobs oversee the cybersecurity management and policy of an organization, a business, or a government entity. Students who wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity management should begin to make career plans when beginning to decide on the school and the degree program that meets their needs.

Cybersecurity management jobs are generally offered to experienced cybersecurity professionals or by those who choose to attend a program dedicated to cybersecurity training for executives. Students interested in pursuing a cybersecurity management career can also follow a well-planned cybersecurity education pathway.

Cybersecurity professionals who have earned an advanced degree are recognized as possessing the right education/experience to fulfill the work requirements of mid and upper-level cybersecurity management and policy jobs.

Industry Certificates in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals also choose to earn industry certificates as a way to advance to their next career objective. Should this be of interest, begin by exploring industry certificate options. Here are two certificates to explore:

  • The Information Systems Security Management Professional Certificate — a comprehensive certification regarding disaster recovery, ethics, forensics, compliance & security design.
  • The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certificate — this certificate requires applicants to have industry experience, the completion of this examination, and full compliance with a code of ethics set forth by industry leaders.

How Much does an Advanced Cybersecurity Professional or Manager Earn?

Many students who are considering a career in cybersecurity eventually ponder an important career question — Is a Masters’s in cybersecurity worth it? And, for those students who seek a well-paying, in-demand career, the answer is yes. Obtaining a cybersecurity master’s, is worth it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2018 median average cybersecurity master’s salary was approximately $98,000 per year. However, because there are many cybersecurity management policy salary jobs available to those who have earned a master’s degree, a cybersecurity master’s salary will vary. Several salaries for cybersecurity professionals with graduate degrees are shown below.

Cybersecurity Masters Salary – approximations

According to Payscale.com, advanced cybersecurity jobs (and salary levels) include:

  • An Information Security Manager – $ 113,000
  • An Information Security Engineer – $96,000
  • A Cybersecurity Analyst – $76,000
  • An Information Security Analyst – $76,000

Additionally, the federal government’s statisticians anticipate the field of cybersecurity to grow at a rate of 28% through the year 2026. A growth rate of 28% far exceeds the average growth rate for all occupations combined. This elevated expected growth rate translates into an extremely strong cybersecurity job marketplace for now, and in the foreseeable future.