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What kind of security jobs are there in the military?

The main responsibility of the U.S. military is to protect our nation from an array of threats and hazards. Security is an essential part of the military to ensure effective and complete protection of the United States. There are a variety of security-related jobs in the military, such as military police officers, marine security guards, military security specialists, and security forces officers.

Military Police Officers
Military police officers are responsible for enforcing military laws and regulations on military installations. They respond to emergencies, control traffic, prevent crime, and protect people and property. They are also required to provide support to areas of conflict by performing security of the area. Military police officers act as part of a team in the support of combat situations, security of installations, and carrying out law and order tasks. They organize crime prevention tactics, run police desks, maintain evidence areas, lead police squads, and prepare plans and orders as needed for smooth military operations. The average yearly pay for military police officers is around $39,000.

Marine Security Guards
Marine security guards provide armed internal security to assigned U.S. areas worldwide to protect classified information and equipment that is essential to U.S. national security. They also protect government property and U.S. citizens on specific diplomatic and consular locations during necessary situations that need immediate assistance. Marine security guards must have the physical and mental capability to enter a combat environment. They must have a solid understanding of law enforcement procedures, small arms handling, emergency first aid, antiterrorism tactics, and security procedures. The mean annual pay for marine security guards is around $46,000.

Military Security Specialists
Military security specialists investigate criminal activity committed on military property or those that involve members of the military. Examples of criminal activities include treason, terrorism, and espionage. They detain suspects and interview witnesses, guard correctional facilities, and patrol areas. They also perform protective service and customs operations. The average wage for military security specialists is around $72,000 per year.

Security Forces Officers
Security forces officers strive to maintain the security of Air Force operations. They direct air base defense operations and control and secure areas inside and around military installations. They also oversee the equipment, resources, and personnel within those areas. They direct tactical drills, team patrols, combat procedures, and antiterrorism tasks. They also enforce rules of conduct and plan future security procedures. The average yearly pay for security forces officers is approximately $50,000.


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