25 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts

25 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts

The best cybersecurity podcasts list covers a wide range of entries for all kinds of cybersecurity information enthusiasts. Cybersecurity is growing for the protection of individual users and for the security of government agencies, as well as for the safety of business assets and investors. What’s more, as technology changes and as the war between blackhat hackers and cybersecurity experts ratchets up, the state of cybersecurity constantly changes. This is a predictable consequence of the fact that more and more of what we do is done through or with the use of digital IT.

Fortunately, we have excellent resources to help us stay up to date. Chief among them are the many cybersecurity podcasts that serve up all the news on new malware, attack vectors, and also the tech and techniques used to defend against them. The following list of the top cybersecurity podcasts covers a wide range of entries for all kinds of cybersecurity information enthusiasts. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a business owner, an IT professional, or just a computing security aficionado who is hungry for the latest in hacker threats, malware, and the most viable defenses against them there is something here for you. This list is designed for students. However, the top cybersecurity podcasts listed here are going to serve the needs of anyone with a hunger for the latest in the field.

1. Cyber Motherboard (Vice News)

A weekly IT Security Report from Veteran Cybersecurity Journalists

Hosted by Ben Makuch, The Cyber Motherboard is a weekly conversation with Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox about the latest cybersecurity stories, news, and events. They regularly discuss the latest news in legendary hackers and hacking, what’s going on in the IT security industry, and more. At the top of our list of the best cybersecurity podcasts, it is a well-produced and fulsome weekly report on everything IT security-related, and a sure best pick for your news feed.

Contact: @Motherboard

Social Media Followers: 1,000,000


2. ESET – Podcast

We Live Security

The ESET podcast comes from San Diego, CA cybersecurity company ESET, one of the earliest and most trusted antivirus software makers. Going back to 1987, when the company debuted its first antivirus code, ESET has been one of the most trusted cybersecurity companies in the world, and the ESET podcast continues that tradition of building relationships with customers and professionals. Hosted by Ranson Burkette and Tony Anscombe, the weekly podcast covers topics as diverse as business email hacking to romance scams and the data dangers of smart sex toys.

Social Media Followers: 275,000


3. The OWASP Podcast

The only Non-Stop Cybersecurity Podcast

This podcast is one of few such programs that actually run 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with some exceptions. The OWASP Podcast is hosted by Jim Manico and Mark Miller. With expert interviews, volunteers, and security leaders, the OWASP project strives to be a leading resource in cybersecurity education and thought leadership in the constant search for better web app security. For its non-stop role in delivering this type of information on an expert level, it is easily one of the top educational cybersecurity podcasts out there.

Contact: @owasp

Social Media Followers: 157,300


4. Crypto-Gram Security Podcast

A Trusted Cybersecurity Newsletter in Spoken Form

Created and hosted by Dan Henage and Bruce Schneier, The Crypto-Gram Security Podcast is one of the most unique cybersecurity podcasts on the internet today. The program consists of a reading of the Crypto-Gram newsletter by Henage composed of daily news and updates on the wider world of cybersecurity. It’s a great resource for commuters who don’t have time to read the newsletter, or who simply prefer to listen during their drive to work each day. The level of research and professionalism that goes into each broadcast makes this one of the best cybersecurity podcasts running.

Contact: @schneierblog

Social Media Followers: 128,400


5. The Unsupervised Learning Podcast

The Most Exhaustive Cybersecurity Podcast Running

Hosted by Daniel Miessler, a respected information security professional, and prolific writer, The Unsupervised Learning Podcast is a weekly overview of the most current and relevant books, articles, products, and events concerning cybersecurity each week. The podcast runs between five to twenty hours each week and is a tour de force of everything on the subject of digital security at the moment. It is, for its comprehensive, exhaustive, and all-encompassing nature, not only one of the most important cybersecurity podcasts but one of the best cyber security podcasts hands down.

Contact: @DanielMiessler

Social Media Followers: 112,800


6. Naked Security Podcast

Up to date Cybersecurity news from a leading anti-malware producer

Sophos is a well-known anti-malware and data security manufacturer. To provide greater value to their customers, they put out this regular podcast series, The Sophos Naked Security Podcast. Listeners will get the latest information on active security threats, insights on significant breaches, industry news, and tidbits of interest to anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the IT security game. This is one of the leading best cyber security podcasts for getting introduced to the world of cyber threats and reactions.

Contact: @NakedSecurity

Social Media Followers: 84,300


7. Hak5

The longest-running show on YouTube is a Top Cybersecurity Podcast

Now, the longest-running show on YouTube, Hak5 is hosted by Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse who brings you award-winning coverage of everything new in the cybersecurity universe. They also develop and test new penetration testing devices and tricks to help viewers stay on the ready for the newest, most clever attacks. If you like hip and cutting-edge cybersecurity reporting from veteran IT journalists, the Hak5 is going to be among the best cybersecurity podcasts for your regular news feed.

Contact: @Hak5

Social Media Followers: 74,000


8. Paul’s Security Weekly

The Everyman’s Cybersecurity Podcast

Security Weekly is hosted by Paul Asadoorian and is focused on digital security news, new and expected vulnerabilities, hacking trends, research, and many other topics related to cybersecurity. Security Weekly strives to be accessible to a wide audience, offering tools and tips to everyday users as well as to experts in the field and aspiring professionals. The show has regular guests who bring with them special insights that always prove to be very useful. Along with the expertise and personality of the host, it is the high-quality guest list that brings much of the value to viewers and makes Security Weekly one of the top ten best cybersecurity podcasts.

Contact: @securityweekly

Social Media Followers: 68,800


9. Off The Hook

Cybersecurity News from a Hacker’s Perspective

Brought to you by the staff of The Hacker Quarterly, Off the Hook brings you the latest and most essential cybersecurity news and information from the perspective of a hacker. If you want to not only learn what’s new and scary out there in the cyberverse but also what a hacker would do to exploit or avoid them, then Off the Hook is the program for you. It is a unique and insightful program and easily one of the best cybersecurity podcasts running.

Contact: @2600

Social Media Followers: 51,700


10. Darknet Diaries

A Sobering Look Into the Dark Side of Cyber Security

Hosted by cybersecurity expert Jack Rhysider, the Darknet Diaries podcast takes listeners on a sometimes startling, always informative journey into the more mysterious and even nefarious side of the online world. All about potential data breaches, identity theft, and cybercrime, the Darknet Diaries is a sobering journey into the dark side of the web and secures its place as one of the very best cyber security podcasts currently running.

Contact: @DarknetDiaries

Social Media Followers: 45,600


11. Risky Business

One of the Oldest Cybersecurity Podcasts Around

With roots going back all the way to the stone age of the Internet (well, 2007) Risky Business is one of the oldest, most listened to, and best cybersecurity podcasts around. Not only do they cover regular topics on tech, hacking threats, malware, and safety protocols, but they also cover news related to cybersecurity. They, rather famously, covered the arrest of Julian Assange, the story of Chelsea Manning, as well as other prominent government whistleblowers and the politics that surround their stories. Risky Business remains lighthearted while covering some of the most serious topics related to cybersecurity and a long line of guests with first-hand information that may very well send a chill up your spine.

Contact: @RiskyBusiness

Social Media Followers: 26,400


12. The CyberWire Daily

A Complete Cybersecurity News Service

This cybersecurity broadcast is more than just a podcast, it is a complete cybersecurity news service. Hosted by David Bittner, The CyberWire Podcast gives listeners a window into the goings-on of cyberspace with concise and clear summaries of the latest events, news, and developments within the cyber security landscape. It includes short daily briefings and long-form podcasts covering a range of topics. It is among the best cybersecurity podcasts due to its comprehensive nature, and news program-like format.

Contact: @thecyberwire

Social Media Followers: 25,700


13. The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

The Counter-Misinformation Cybersecurity Podcast for Everyone

This weekly broadcast of open-source intelligence (OSINT), security, and privacy news is brought to you by the OSINT privacy consultant, Michael Bazzell. What makes this podcast one of the best cyber security podcasts, is the way the host makes each week’s show immediately relevant to the average user. With show titles like “Basics & Careers,” “The Costs of Privacy,” and “Disinformation, Reputation Management,” you know you’re going to get some useful tidbits that just might save you a world of trouble in your online adventures.

Contact: @IntelTechniques

Social Media Followers: 22,400


14. The 443

Security Simplified

Secplicity’s name sums up their mission – to make security simple, clear, and understandable to IT professionals and business leaders. As part of the WatchGuard brand, The 443 podcast covers crucial topics in security and technology with a wide array of guests, from white hat hackers to the CISA. The 443’s host, Marc Laliberte, has a long experience in researching and explaining security dangers, bringing a confident and engaging personality to complex and often scary issues.

Contact: @secplicity

Social Media Followers: 18,600


15. Breach

Cybersecurity History from a fresh perspective

Breach is the newest cybersecurity podcast on our list. As such it brings you a useful retrospective on the most notorious hacker attacks in history. With in-depth discussions with professional white hat hackers, Breach brings you a brilliant historical perspective on the history of cybersecurity and how it relates to today’s IT security concerns. If you are looking for a fresh approach to the topic delivered by hosts and guests with a fresh voice, Breach is going to be one of the top cybersecurity podcasts on your favorites list.

Contact: @Carbonite

Social Media Followers: 15,700


16. Malicious Life

Untold stories from the history of cybersecurity

Malicious Life is not the title of a lost 2Pac album – it’s a fascinating podcast from Cybereason, a cybersecurity company made up of professionals from government, intelligence, and the private sector working to identify not only current threats but future threats. The Malicious Life podcast is part of that mission, providing an in-depth analysis of the history of hacking, cybercrime, and information warfare. By putting today’s cyber world into context, host Ran Levi pulls together the many threads of cybersecurity, from the early hackers of the 70s and 80s to the sophisticated criminal and terrorist attacks of today. Three seasons in and Malicious Life is just getting started.

Social Media Followers: 13,000


17. Smashing Security

An Informative Cybersecurity Podcast With an Entertaining Twist

Featuring Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, the Smashing Security podcast is a fun and informative cybersecurity news and educational program that focuses on fun and function in the digital security sphere. Few cybersecurity podcasts manage to be this entertaining and useful at the same time, making it one of the very best cyber security podcasts to successfully brand itself solidly within the entertainment category.

Contact: @SmashinSecurity

Social Media Followers: 10,400


18. Defensive Security Podcast

To the Point, Practical, Serious

Hosted by cybersecurity experts, Andrew Kalay and Jerry Bell, the Defensive Security Podcast focuses on analyzing the latest information from the information technology sector and distills it down into valuable lessons that everyday users, businesses, people, and security experts can use. Where the Defensive Security Podcast stands out is in its tendency to deliver simple, meaningful, and useful tools and tips that you can use immediately, making it easily one of the best cybersecurity podcasts on the air today. The show is broadcast two to three times every month, leaving plenty of time for the hosts to perform valuable research in the interim.

Contact: @Defensivesec

Social Media Followers: 7,900


19. Data Breach Today Podcast

Up to The Minute News on the Latest Cyber Threats

As any savvy computer user knows, malware and hack attacks are always evolving and the best defense is usually the newest defense. That’s exactly what you get with the Data Breach Today Podcast. Hosts bring you the latest and most urgent threats to your data, software, and hardware known to the cybersecurity community. If you’re looking for fast and up-to-the-minute updates on the newest threats out there, this is one of the top cybersecurity podcasts available.

Contact: @DataBreachToday

Social Media Followers: 7,063


20. Security Now

The Popular Cybersecurity Podcast for Aficionados

On Security Now! Hosts Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson spend a solid two hours each week talking about some of the most current, most relevant, and most meaningful cybersecurity topics to help keep you well informed and ready to turn the tide against cyber threats. Not only is this one of the best cyber security podcasts currently running, but it is accurate, well-sourced, detailed, and entertaining. Steve and Leo cover lots of rather obscure, but vital topics such as ping tracking, the state of the Tesla corporation, and survival out in the wild digital west.

Contact: @GibsonResearch

Social Media Followers: 3,845


21. The CyberJungle

A Full Spectrum View on Cybersecurity Issues

The CyberJungle takes you on a regular trip into the always-changing world of cybersecurity with realistic takes and top tips on IT data security. Hosted by Ira Victor, an award-winning journalist and tech writer, The CyberJungle delves into the politics and legislation issues surrounding IT security with a focus on delivering useful information and usable tips for everyday users.

Contact: @ira_victor

Social Media Followers: 1,465


22. Cyber Security Interviews

Interviews with IT Security Pros Covering All the Angles

This weekly podcast, hosted by Douglas A. Brush, features key interviews with major thought leaders, influencers, and other prominent individuals in the cybersecurity space. The Cyber Security Interviews can be relied on to bring you all of the relevant, original, and useful information you need about the state of data security as it stands. It is a regular item in many lists of the top cybersecurity podcasts for professionals and private users alike.

Contact: @CSI_Podcast

Social Media Followers: 1,190


23. Hacker Public Radio

The Second Longest Running Cybersecurity Podcast on Air

One of the most prolific cybersecurity podcasts currently running, Hacker Public Radio releases a new episode every day Monday through Friday. The show has been running for over 13 years straight, is widely considered to be among the top cybersecurity podcasts, and is certainly one of the most popular. They cover IRS issues, credit freezes, Truecrypt, junk mail and so much more. Hacker Public Radio has produced so much cybersecurity content that if they haven’t covered it, it probably isn’t an issue.

Contact: @HPR

Social Media Followers: 1,000


24. Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast

The Cybersecurity Podcast for Cloak & Dagger Fans

Down the Security Rabbithole is a weekly podcast dating back to 2011. It is hosted by Rafal Los and James Jardine and is focused primarily on cybersecurity as it relates to the business world. As such it is easily one of the top cybersecurity podcasts covering cybersecurity topics that affect the business world in particular. But it is still one of the best cybersecurity podcasts for general purposes as well, especially with consideration for the fact that doing business online is becoming more and more common. The show has featured episodes with provocative titles like “The 31rst Human Right,” and “Insuring Against Acts of Cyber War.”

Contact: @DtSR_Podcast

Social Media Followers: 764


25. SANS Internet Storm center Daily Network/Cyber Security and Information Security Stormcast

Training & Educational Grade Material Daily

Hosted by SANS Internet Storm Center Handlers, this podcast is the biggest and most trusted resource for cyber security training and research material. The program features an ongoing 5 to 10-minute update on the latest security threats. As such it is considered to be one of the top cybersecurity podcasts for security professionals to keep their fingers on the pulse of data security. Subscribers are sure to be kept up to date on the latest threats and issues.

Contact: SANS ISC Daily Stormcasts

Social Media Followers: N/A


Are There any Good Cybersecurity Podcasts?

Becoming a regular listener to any of these top cybersecurity podcasts is sure to give you an edge as a student, a teacher, or an IT professional. If you’re looking for a cybersecurity degree program that suits your schedule, educational needs, and budget, see our rankings of cybersecurity degrees.

What is the Value of Podcasts About Cybersecurity?

Podcasts about cyber security provide personal and industry insights into the role of a cybersecurity expert. They’re more than something to while away the time when doing a chore or exercising. Podcasts on cyber security are put out by people who want to share their knowledge with others in the field, educate those who are interested in getting involved in cybersecurity and provide alerts to the industry at large about the latest cybersecurity issues.

The field of cybersecurity is always changing as bad faith actors find new ways to attack networks and databases, gain unauthorized access to financial accounts, and lock down computers for ransom. The value of a cybersecurity podcast is to keep the good guys ahead of the bad guys along with sharing practical and useful information with those working in the field.

What is the Most Important Aspect of Podcasts About Cybersecurity?

The most important aspect of podcasts about cyber security is that they tend to be timely and topical. Cybersecurity podcasters want the industry to be aware of the latest trends, security risks, and challenges that are on the rise. Regularly listening to cybersecurity podcasts is advantageous to the newly minted cybersecurity professional and those who have been working in the field for decades.

The information that’s provided by cybersecurity podcasts helps raise awareness of issues that may show up in an organization’s IT systems and enable the cybersecurity professional to recognize and deal with the problem if it arises. Demonstrating keen infosec skills and staying one step ahead of those who would gain unauthorized access to sensitive data is a surefire way to show an employer that you bring value to the organization.

How Do I Know I Can Trust a Cybersecurity Podcast?

The best cybersecurity podcasts are ones that vet their information before hitting the record/broadcast button. The host(s) know the damage they can do by putting out bad information or data, and they’re not about to ruin their professional reputation. It’s worth noting that the best cybersecurity podcasts are going to have opinions about the topics they’re discussing and sometimes they have opinions that a listener might not agree with.

A difference of opinion between a listener and podcaster doesn’t mean the listener has to dismiss or stop listening to the podcast entirely. You should listen with an open mind and have a willingness to recognize that even the best cybersecurity podcasts won’t always align with your own opinion or knowledge. There will always be informed of value in the top cybersecurity podcasts for infosec professionals regardless.

What Makes a Top Cybersecurity Podcast?

What makes the top security podcasts so good is their reliability, honesty, quality of information, and ability to share information in a manner that’s easily understood. Accessibility is key to being one of the best cyber security podcasts in order to attract an audience across the experience spectrum. The individual listener needs to decide if the information being presented has to value to them and is applicable to their work. However, the top cybersecurity podcasts have earned their reputations because they’re trustworthy.

One of the tenets of cybersecurity is to research the information that comes across the desk, or earbuds, in this case, to make sure that it’s sound, solid, and actionable. Cybersecurity podcasters are well aware of this and, as mentioned, make sure the information they share is unimpeachable. An aspiring infosec professional can use the podcast information as a test of their own research skills in order to determine if what’s being said is trustworthy. The podcasters would expect no less of their audience.

Can Podcasts Help New Cybersecurity Professionals Learn?

Yes, podcasts can help new cybersecurity professionals learn how to do their job effectively and even excel. The best cyber security podcasts for beginners are ones that break down the information into easily understood bites and talk about why an infosec professional should take action. Some cybersecurity podcasts interview infosec experts and give beginner insight into what it’s like to work in the field of cybersecurity.

Other podcasters discuss their role within an organization which can help a new cybersecurity professional get a handle on working in a team setting and keeping up with the jobs they’re tasked with. Cybersecurity podcasts help the infosec beginners stay current, understand what they’re facing, and apply the knowledge they learn on the job.

Generalist Cybersecurity Podcasts

The sheer amount of cybersecurity podcasts being produced makes it easy for someone to find the best cyber security podcasts for beginners. There are generalist podcasts that talk about a different topic every episode while others focus on certain topics in cybersecurity. A beginner might find themselves lost with some of the more focused or generalist podcasts, but find a lot of beneficial information in a cybersecurity essentials podcast.

Another type of podcast that can help the new infosec professional is a basic cybersecurity concepts podcast. The basic cybersecurity concepts podcast type can help reinforce the skills and techniques learned in school and make you better cybersecurity professional.