What is an Information Security Analyst?

An information security analyst studies an organization’s computer network to prevent infiltration from cyberattacks and infiltration. It is one of the top jobs in security for the 21st century. The role involves analyzing the current security setup for the network to find weaknesses, check strengths, and also administer security measures to prevent data breaches.

This role is perfect for someone who enjoys the art of analyzing data and its underlying implications along with designing and implementing a plan to stop bad actors from getting access to sensitive information. Following is a look at how to be an information security analyst.

What is a Security Analyst?

When asking the question of what is a security analyst, you’re asking a question about a career that consists of taking information and making a defined picture out of what’s been discovered. An information security analyst, also known as an InfoSec analyst, keeps watch over internal IT systems, known as local area networks (LANs), to prevent hacking attempts. They keep an eye out for patterns that show that an unauthorized individual is making an attempt at accessing the organization’s database servers for information.

The security analyst also identifies security software suites that are useful for the organization and deploys them over the network. Additionally, they keep the network security updated and are always looking at new ways to keep out hackers. You’ll find that the role is very clearly defined when looking at understanding what is a security analyst and what they do.

What Qualities Does an Information Security Analyst Have?

When looking at how to become an information security analyst, you have to evaluate the job duties and their appeal to your sensibilities.

  • Does the thought of looking at various datasets sound good to you?
  • Do you enjoy the role of being a white hat hacker?
  • Is investigating software suites and deploying them in the protection against attack from hackers something that seems exciting?
  • And are you interested in one of the highest-paying security careers?

If you said yes to most of these questions then you should learn more about how to become an InfoSec analyst.

What Does an InfoSec Analyst Do?

This role is one of protection. In order to be effective, the security analyst needs to watch the information streams delivered by various software suites. In addition, they need to know how to look at operating system data and find attempts at a security breach. Some of the duties of an InfoSec analyst include:

  • Keeps watching over the organization’s networks for signs of attempted break-ins, and security breaches, and also investigates unauthorized login attempts.
  • Installs software to protect sensitive databases on the local area network or in the cloud.
  • Uncovers data breaches and investigates how they happened.
  • Write reports on the current state of the network, detail all events, and deliver to the relevant individuals.
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest security trends for the IT industry.
  • Recommends software updates and upgrades to senior IT staff.
  • Develops and employs the best security standards and practices for the organization.
  • Assist computer users to learn about new software or security procedures.
  • Track how users access the network and ensure that they’re using their accounts properly and not sharing with other users.

This is a general overview of the role of security analysts. Employers tailor the role to suit their internal needs which makes having a broad education and experience beneficial.

How to Become a Security Analyst

Employers tend to prefer candidates with experience in related fields or direct experience with information security. The fact that there is no one analyst education requirement means the more education and experience you can acquire can pay off in the form of multiple employment options. Getting into a program with internships can help increase your chances for employment after graduation when looking at how to become an information security analyst.

Information security analyst education requirements vary and there are many paths to an information security degree. Individuals interested in this career should get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or related computer science fields. Various certificate programs enhance the bachelor’s degree and make an individual more desirable to an employer. Part of learning how to be an information security analyst is getting as much education experience as possible.

Is an InfoSec Analyst a Good Career?

Becoming an information security analyst can be a rewarding career. You can employ your problem-solving skills and ability to detect unwanted intrusions and protect sensitive information from being stolen. It’s also a position you can expect to have long-term employment because computers aren’t going away any time soon.