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Security Jobs in Minnesota differ by location and job duties, but there are many roles available with all levels of training and education.

About Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is in the midwestern part of the United States. It is the most northern state in the continental U.S. Its population is around 5.5 million with about 70 people for every square mile. The largest city in the state is Minneapolis with about half a million residents. It is followed by its neighboring city St. Paul which is also the capital.

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The state is home to about 15,000 lakes that cover almost 5,000 square miles of freshwater. Its geography also includes rolling prairies and forests. Minnesota is known for its thriving broad economy. Additionally, it is a major producer of iron, timber, and various crops. However, the cost of living in Minnesota is slightly above the national average of 100, coming in at 104. But, Minnesota is praised for its high standard of living and quality education.

Security Education and Minnesota Financial Aid

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education governs the financial aid in Minnesota. The state offers a variety of grants and scholarships as well as work-study options. The Minnesota State Grant provides assistance to students from low and moderate-income households. Students must be enrolled in at least three credits at around 130 eligible colleges and universities in the state of Minnesota. The award is up to $10,450 for private schools and $6,650 for public schools.

The Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to students who are of at least one-fourth of Indian ancestry. Students must be residents of Minnesota and demonstrate financial need. Undergraduate students must enroll at least ¾ time and graduates at least ½ time at an accredited institution in Minnesota. The award amount is up to $4,000 for undergraduate students and also $6,000 for graduate students. However, all students must submit the FAFSA to qualify for any type of financial aid offered by the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota’s Security Employment and Jobs Outlook

As of May 2021, the state of Minnesota employs about 11,160 security guards. Additionally, the mean salary in the state is $37,190. In general, the job growth of security guards is expected to rise as fast as average for all careers, increasing 15 percent by 2030.

Population growth and increased concern about criminal activity in Minnesota will drive the need for security guards are related workers. The best job prospects are for security guards with related work experience and also professional training.

LocationTotal Security Guard EmploymentAverage Salary
All of United States1,057,100$35,830
BLS May 2021 employment of Security Guards by State

Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Requirements

Do you need a license to be a security guard in Minnesota? To find out more about the Protective Agent Services License in Minnesota, contact the Department of Public Safety.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services