Security in Montana

Security Jobs in Montana differ by location and job duties. But there are many roles available with all levels of training and education.

About Montana

Montana’s reputation for premier hunting and fishing is well known throughout the United States and the world. Furthermore, the state is at the top of the list for many outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to hunting and fishing, Montana residents and visitors can enjoy hiking, skiing, and access to some of the most beautiful national parks in the US. Yellowstone National Park, Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Pines Recreation Park, and Glacier National Park offer picturesque views. Visitors find everything from pristine lakes to wildlife like buffalo, tundra swans, elk, and also golden eagles.

Security Education and Financial Aid in Montana

Many scholarship and grant opportunities are available for students in the state of Montana. The University of Montana, Montana State University, and Montana Tech University, the largest postsecondary institutions in the state, offer several scholarships for students pursuing a degree in programs such as homeland security, cyber-security, and criminal justice. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security also offers security scholarship programs.

Additional scholarships are available in Montana based on specific criteria. For example, American Indian residents of Montana are eligible for a number of scholarships, including the American Indian Waiver Scholarship. The Montana Community Foundation also offers scholarships such as the Dearborn Ranch Scholarship for Game Wardens and the Dearborn Ranch Scholarship for Montana Highway Patrol.

Security Jobs and Career Outlook in Montana

One of the attractions of a career in the security field is the number of options. Security careers in Montana include everything from unarmed and armed guards who protect buildings and people to information systems security personnel to gaming security. Security professionals might patrol an area or could be stationed at the entrances and exits of various organizations from a military base to a national park.

In Montana, all of these possibilities and more are available for security professionals. In addition to private companies, the state of Montana and the federal government employ security personnel to ensure the safety and security of a number of state and national parks, border crossings, and even cyberspace.

Nationally, the number of jobs for security guards is expected to increase by 15 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Montana, security guards in Montana earned an average annual salary of $32,560 in 910 positions. Other security positions are projected to increase at a higher than average rate, particularly those related to information technology and security.

LocationTotal Security Guard EmploymentAverage Salary
All of United States1,124,890$36,700
BLS employment of Security Guards by State

Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Requirements in Montana

Do you need a license to be a security guard in Montana? The Montana Board of Private Security issues licenses. So, for more details visit their website.

Montana Board of Private Security