Security in New Hampshire

Security Jobs in New Hampshire differ by location and job duties, but there are many roles available with all levels of training and education.

About New Hampshire

The “Live Free or Die” motto of New Hampshire is a historical and also accurate statement of the people who colonized the state. Moreover, New Hampshire was the first colony in North America to break away from the British to begin the Revolutionary War. It is a New England state located in the northeast region of the US.

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New Hampshire is bordered on the east by Maine and also a small section of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, Vermont is its western neighbor and Massachusetts is its southern neighbor. The 58-mile northern border with Canada has a major border crossing station between Chartierville, Quebec, and Pittsburg, NH. Manchester is the largest city with a population of 110,000, but Concord is the capital.

Security Education and Scholarship Opportunities in New Hampshire

If seeking a position as a police or sheriff officer it is advisable to earn credentials beyond high school. For the advancement in any career, post-secondary education will almost certainly be required. Students in NH can pay for post-secondary degrees using federal and state grants and also student loan programs. In addition, there are several regional and New Hampshire-specific scholarships available.

  • The New England Regional Student Programs
  • The New Hampshire Scholarships for Orphans of Veterans
  • The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • New Hampshire Food Industries Education Foundation Scholarships
  • The National Black Police Association Alphonso Deal Scholarship Award
  • American Criminal Justice Association National Student Paper Competition.
  • The WIFLE Foundation (WIFLE) for gender equity within federal law enforcement.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Award
  • Sheryl A. Horak Law Enforcement Explorer Memorial Scholarship

Security Jobs Outlook in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s international border with Canada requires US Customs and Border Protection employees to work at each border station. However, to work for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as part of Homeland Security, employees must pass extensive an background check. CBP employs over 20,000 border patrol agents.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) May 2021 reports that there are 2,500 security guards in New Hampshire. In addition, they earn an average salary of $38,590, which is above the national median. Furthermore, nationwide, a 15 percent increase for Security Guards and transportation Security Screeners is expected for the decade between 2020 and 2030.

LocationTotal Security Guard EmploymentAverage Salary
All of United States1,057,100$35,830
New Hampshire2,500$38,590
BLS May 2021 employment of Security Guards by State

In addition, there are 2,890 Police and Sheriff’s Officers employed in New Hampshire who earn an annual median salary of $63,670.

LocationTotal Police EmploymentAverage Salary
All of United States665,380$70,750
New Hampshire2,890$63,670
BLS May 2021 employment of Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers by State

Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Requirements

Do you need a license to e a security guard in New Hampshire? Armed security guards need a license from the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of State Police. So, visit their website for all the details and requirements.

New Hampshire Department of Safety State Police