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Security in Ohio

Located in the eastern north-central region of the United States, Ohio is the 7th most populous and 10th most densely populated state with 11,544,225 total residents. Ohio’s capital and largest city is Columbus, which is home to 773,021 people and college students. The state’s northern border is formed by 312 miles of Lake Erie coastline, while the southern border is defined by the Ohio River. Residents experience a humid continental climate with warm summers and cool or cold winters. Since parts of the state are located within the designated Snowbelt, severe lake effect snowstorms and other extreme weather is not unheard of.

Nicknamed the “Buckeye State,” Ohio is often associated with its buckeye trees, swing state status, exceptional sport organizations, and wide range of commercial industries. Ohio’s geographic location also has been the leading cause of its economic growth and expansion through history, as it is a crucial link between the Northeast and Midwest. After all, the state is within a one-day drive of more than 50 percent of the North American population. In fact, Ohio was ranked number two for the best business climate in the nation by Site Selection magazine in 2011.

Security Jobs Outlook in Ohio
In May of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 110,470 jobs in security and other protective service occupations. For every 1,000 jobs in the state, 21.858 were employed in the security profession. The location quotient of the field is 0.89, while the number of jobs is expected to increase at a rate of 2.0 percent between 2010 and 2020. As the state population continues to steadily rise, there will be an increased need for individuals in the protective service sector. Security professionals in Ohio are compensated an average salary of $40,430, which translates to a mean hourly wage of $19.44.

Financial Aid in Ohio
The following are some of the many different state-based scholarships and grants that are provided to residents of Ohio:

  • Ohio College Opportunity Grant – offered as tuition assistance for students from low and moderate-income families, in order to increase access to higher education for individuals that could not afford it otherwise.
  • Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund – awarded to children and spouses of peace officers, fire fighters, and other safety officers that have been killed in the line of duty, anywhere in the United States.
  • John S. Knight Scholar Award – presented to high school students that have been selected due to their outstanding academic performance, financial need, or professional activities.

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