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Security in Puerto Rico

If tropical weather and smooth, sandy beaches sound like the ideal study spot, Puerto Rico could be the right fit for pursuing a degree in the diverse field of security. As a territory of the United States, situated in the northeastern region of the picturesque Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a popular site for tourists of the United States and around the world, creating a need for law enforcement, personal security, transportation security, and many others.

The 300 beaches, coffee and rum tours, scuba diving and snorkeling, surfing, and deep sea fishing are just some of the amazing things that over 5 million visitors and nearly 4 million residents of Puerto Rico can enjoy. The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is the largest metropolitan city on the island, and it epitomizes the territory’s diversity of history, natural attraction, culture, and social attraction.

Puerto Rico Career and Employment Outlook for Security
Private investigators, gaming surveillance officers, security guards, transportation security screeners, recreation patrol, community patrol officers, and border inspection agents are all possibilities for employment in the security field in Puerto Rico. As a popular tourist destination, Puerto Rico has numerous positions for security guard professionals from hotels to historic sites, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a total of 28,610 positions in this specialization alone.

Annual salaries range depending on which specific field of security is pursued. Security guards in Puerto Rico earned an average annual salary of $17,450 and transportation security screeners earned an average annual salary of $35,270. The majority of salaries across all security positions in Puerto Rico were within this range.

Security Program Scholarships and Financial Aid in Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico, Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Pontifical Catholic University, and Caribbean University offer several financial aid options to students, including scholarships and grants. Some options for students in Puerto Rico to consider are national scholarships through the Department of Homeland Security and the Electronic Security Association. These national scholarships, in addition to most other nationally offered financial assistance programs, are also available in Puerto Rico.

In addition to these options, there are a number of scholarships that are offered for students from Puerto Rico that are available for students attending postsecondary schools in the territory.

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