Security in Rhode Island

Security Jobs in Rhode Island differ by location and job duties, but there are many roles available with all levels of training and education.

About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States in terms of area, with the eighth-lowest population. However, it is the second-most densely populated state in the country, highlighting the fact that there are many bustling cities located in Rhode Island. The state is in the northeastern part of the United States, surrounded by Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and also New York.

Featured Schools

The major cities in Rhode Island are Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, and East Providence. If you are going to be looking for high-paying security jobs, chances are you will find them in one of these states.

Security Education and Scholarship Opportunities

There are an enormous number of scholarships available in Rhode Island, with most of them being based on financial need. The Shaw Worth Youth Scholarship Award is given out to students who have a need for financial aid, in addition to those demonstrating a contribution to animal rights over the past few years.

There are scholarships available for those who excel at standardized tests in English and Math, in addition to doing well in high school. The Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority is in charge of general need-based financial aid scholarships.

To apply for these scholarships you must be accepted to an institution within the state. It is easier to apply if you do it with the help of your college. They will have experience in dealing with such situations and will ensure you get as much financial aid as you need.

Security Jobs and Career Outlook

After you have completed your degree, you will be in line to get better-paying jobs. Security companies offer full-time guard jobs, in addition to management, training, and supervision-related jobs. The pay scale for these jobs will range from $30,000 to $50,000 a year, with opportunities for improving your salary.

There are plenty of well-paid security jobs available in Rhode Island. Your best bet would be to get a job at a bank or major company to start. Those jobs pay well, give you a great starting point for your resume, and usually come with flexible hours. These jobs can also be done while you are still attending college or university.

LocationTotal Security Guard EmploymentAverage Salary
All of United States1,057,100$35,830
Rhode Island3,100$35,630
BLS May 2021 employment of Security Guards by State

Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Requirements

Do you need a license to be a security guard in Rhode Island? Private security guard businesses must have a license from the Rhode Island Office of Attorney General.

Rhode Island Office of Attorney General