Security in the District of Columbia

Security Jobs in the District of Columbia differ by location and job duties, but there are many roles available with all levels of training.

About the District of Columbia (DC)

Washington, DC is probably the most well-known non-state in the United States because it is the capital. It is often referred to as DC, The District, and sometimes just Washington though its formal name is District of Columbia. It is located on the east coast nestled between Maryland and Virginia and is made up of 68.3 miles of land and 6.9 miles of water.

Separating DC from Virginia is the Potomac River, but the Anacostia River and Rock Creek both reside within the city’s limits. There are four distinct areas within DC: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Northeast and Northwest are by far the most popular areas, though the Southwest area is going through renovations.

Because it is the capital, there are plenty of landmarks, and attractions and more than visitors and locals can visit. The White House, Washington Monument, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, and many other monuments call DC home. Furthermore, dozens of museums, most of which are free to the public including The Smithsonian, are scattered throughout the city. The city is also big on the arts and sports, so people have plenty to see and do when there.

Security Education and Financial Aid in DC

Luckily for students who want to study in DC, there are literally dozens of scholarships and grants available. Everything from the Aileen Lee Scholarship to Carson Scholars Fund Inc. to the Muslim Sister Scholarship is available. Each is based on different factors but students have choices.

For anyone looking to go to school for or work in the security field, they are in luck. Washington, DC is one of the central locations for many different security positions. Everything from Secret Service to IT and security guard jobs to plenty of other security occupations are found in and around the DC area. This is a plus for anyone wanting to get into this field of work.

Security Careers and Job Outlook in DC

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the job outlook for security positions is growing at 158 percent and there are roughly 1,090,600 Security Jobs in the District of Columbia. That means there will be plenty of jobs for future graduates.

Based on the 2010 U.S. Census, there are 632,323 residents in DC. Although this seems like a lot of people in a small area, the bonus is that Washington, DC has a continuously growing economy that rarely sees itself affected by the same economic turmoil that the rest of the country sometimes faces.