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Do I have to go to college to work in security?

Someone who is interested in becoming a security guard may be wondering if they have to go to college to get into this line of work. While the short answer is that you do not need to have a college degree to work in security, there is a longer answer as to how to get into the field. Here are some tips you can follow to get your career started.

While you do not have to go to college, it is extremely helpful if you become certified as a security guard. Most community colleges or universities offer courses and programs that can guide you on this path. Usually they involve some sort of self-defense, courses on the laws of the particular state, correct protocol in certain situations, and other things you will need to know while you are on the job.

Certification is usually dependent on the state. Not all states have the same requirements to become a security guard. Some do not require that you take the courses. Other require that you finish the program and do an internship before you can actually start working. Either way, it is recommended that you take the courses so that you can more easily market yourself to potential employers.

In addition to the security guards, security companies also need an administrative staff. If you are not the type of person who could be intimidating or tough in a situation where you need to be, you may be better suited for surveillance or performing background checks for a security company. If you are qualified, you may even be able to land a management position at a security company or work your way up to that. There are many position in the security field that do not put you directly in the line of danger.

When you are applying to a security company, think of all the skills you have to offer them. Produce a cover letter and a resume that showcase your original skills, the classes you have taken, and your projected future. You want the employer to see that this is what you are dedicated to.

Even in this down economy, security jobs always seem to be available. No one wants to sacrifice their security or safety no matter what the state of the economy is. Take advantage of this by educating yourself, marketing yourself to employers, and getting to work in a stable field.

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