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Top Ten Security Degrees Employers Are Looking For

How It Might Start
You are preparing to enter college. You have your career choice picked out: Cyber-Security. You find yourself contemplating the best degree for the level you want to start at, and you could use some guidance. Or, you have been stuck in a dead end job, and have the desire to work in a field that serves the public. Again, you don’t know what classes to take, or if a degree is needed, or even where to begin.

So, in case you are currently looking for the educational guidance you need, we have decided to go through a number of degrees offered in this field of security, and explain what degrees individual employers are interested in and keeping their eyes out for. This short guide will at least narrow down for you what type of degree you will need in order to apply for particular positions you may want with confidence, as well as help you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your future.

Cyber Security and Technology/Information Security
This is an extremely vital field in the day and age we live in, with everything virtually at everyone’s fingertips. With terrorism attacks in the last years, our country can never be to safe; neither can our nation’s companies and businesses that stand for the American Dream.

Colleges that offer degrees in this field know the importance of thoroughness in training when it comes to educating properly in preparation for this work. Degree programs offered which, upon completion of degree requirements, will grab the attention of potential employers.

Strategic Security and Protection Management positions will require a different level of degree, depending upon various factors. Certifications, as well as Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degrees can be earned in these areas specifically. Courses offered that will pave the road to earning the degree you want, number at over 50. Henley-Putnam University, for instance, offers courses including Building Security, Executive and Dignitary Protection, and Conflict Resolution, just to name a few. Feel free to investigate degree option at‎.

A degree in Security Management is also impressive to companies because earning this degree has given you the skills to manage different aspect of security from a directorial perspective. This degree will also include many different aspects of the security field, such as IT Security, surveillance and background checks, along with many others. One such degree program is conducted by American Military University, and is considered excellent in education regarding these types of degrees.

The fact is that 75% of employers trying to fill security jobs require a degree. With such delicate situations being confronted, it is vital that proper training is ensured. That 75% require a Bachelor’s Degree, While 4% of hiring employers require a Master’s degree.

The following is a list provided by University of Maryland University College of the top ten skills required by prospective employers. These skills are acquired by the earning of certification or either a Bachelor’s or Master’s:

1. Information Security
Responsible for planning and development of strategies of information security. Many companies will require a four year degree in Engineering with IT Security included, Accounting/Audit, Business Administration and Computer Information Services. These courses are inclusive in the earning of your degree are required and recognized by both private companies and government employers alike.

Most employers will also prefer potential employees to have earned certain certification in the following courses of study:
-CISSP, CISM, CISA, ISSMP, and finally, GIAC. In addition to degrees and certifications, employers like to see a significant amount of experience in a similar field, showing their stamina and consistency.

2. Firewall Administration
We are finding that this position involves earning an undergraduate degree, and requires experience in the following areas:
-5 years relative experience without a degree.
-4 years experience with an undergraduate degree
-3 years experience degree

One complete list of requirements, given by Excelsior College, which has an excellent security program, gives information as to what employers are seeking in this field right now. We offer Associates Degrees, as well as Bachelor Degree courses that employers are now in great demand of. Not only that, Excelsior College has a wonderful reputation, and will do a fine job in preparing your for the real work.

Make sure to visit, for more information.

4. Masters of Professional Studies In Security/ Safety Leadership
To earn a degree in this field is a great accomplishment, and with such a wide variety of courses to help you along toward your BA or Masters, and even any certifications you are pursuing for your personal career goals, you are sure to accomplish them. Included in their program curriculum are Masters of Professional Studies in Security as well as Safety Leadership, as mentioned above. These courses are necessary in the field and are paid particular attention to by potential employers.

For more information on working with this college to achieve a great education in this field of study, visit their website at

5.Certifications and Degrees For Homeland Security
We cannot stress enough the importance of having trustworthy, highly trained individuals taking responsibility to keep our country safe from technological spies
as well as protecting the information or country does have. These govenment employees are necessary in battling terrorism as well. Degrees offered fall into the bachelor and master categories, depending on experience and level of responsibility.Visit their website at, with any questions you may have about on campus or online courses that fit your needs.

As we have discussed the first five Master’s and Bachelor degrees, as well as certifications required for certain positions, and what employers desire when interviewing a potential hire.

The following categories are the final five degrees required in order to be eligible to start the application process in any of the positions:

5. Chief Information Officer
Basically in a position of management which can be attained only by the earning of a specific degree in cooperation with background experience. This company looks to fill this position with an academically adept, recognized with proper educational credential.

Any more specific information you may need to purse needed degrees in this area, go to

6. Information Technology Project Manager
This career choice carries requirements to complete your Bachelor’s degree while getting a start on the Master’s. Qualities they pursue in the degree holder/ potential employee, beside the degree, are persistence, attention to detail, integrity, and many other qualities of character which are required in such positions of responsibility and trust. Their thorough program offers many individual courses to enrich the experience of earning your degree in this field of study.

If you have any questions regarding the best options this college offers in this program, contact them at their website:…/information-technology-with-project-management-sp….

7. IT Architect and Systems Manager
Those considering security jobs in this field, or even a complete career, your security degree must be obtained, regardless of how far you want to go. Career and educational requirements for this position are listed below, allowing your to meet the qualifications desired to meet the employers needs. Providing a solid curriculum, your education will be one of the finest, and is recognized by employers everywhere. Check into their convenient online program, too! For more information, please visit them at › Online Degree Resources‎.

8. Information Tech Business Analyst
This position requires a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management of Information Systems. While these can be obtained at other colleges, Stritch College has a highly recommended program in this area. Some of the courses and subject matter include Database Management and Management, Marketing and Financial Topics. For more information go to‎.

9. Computer and Investigation Bachelor of Science
This university offers thorough curriculum and training in the earning of Bachelor of Science in Computers and Investigation, training students to fight cybercrime and specialize in tactics used to investigate these offenses, opening the doors for security jobs as well as security careers. You can see the importance of security careers in this country. If your ideal position requires a bachelor degree, which this one does, the program is wonderful. Look into more options at

10. Masters of Professional Studies degree in Homeland Security
Finally, having your masters of Professional Studies degree in Homeland Security will pretty much put any positions that focus on counter-terrorism approaches, and maritime activities, as well as other security measures that protect the technology and people of the United States. Very important position. Visit them at

Having found this helpful, encourage and remind yourself of your dreams, as well as your eagerness and drive to accomplish them. Have a wonderful journey!


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