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10 Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Cloud Computing for 2021

If you are looking for a rewarding and competitive career and job in computer network architecture, consider a bachelor degree in cloud computing. As a cloud computing professional, you must understand everything about the fundamentals of information technology, in addition to database communication and network security. When you have a bachelor’s in cloud computing, the job outlook for a computer network architect is good. There is more demand and not enough workers with this experience, skill, and ability. This is a specialized field and so it gives you more room to grow and more opportunities for a higher pay. In some instances, you can even demand your pay scale.

Cloud computing as an occupation is expected to see up to five percent growth in the next decade. You will have access to many tech jobs, if you are interested in this particular career path. There are also a variety of focus areas, including operation development, solution architecture, security, advanced networking, DevOps and Big Data, just to name a few. Therefore, you have a number of options. If you complete a cloud computing bachelor degree, it gives you a chance to pick and choose which jobs you will take.

Ranking the Best Cloud Computing Degree Programs

The editors at Security Degree Hub want prospective students to find the programs that will make a real, positive impact on their career. That’s why we feature only accredited programs with proven job market value, ranked according to factors that indicate their potential: tuition cost, student satisfaction, and alumni salary.

1. Purdue University Global

Topping the list of the best clouding computing degree programs is the online BS in Cloud Computing and Solutions from Purdue University Global. This program provides practical, relevant skills through virtual IT labs and hands-on learning. Students learn how to apply the concepts they learn in class to real-world cloud computing situations. Graduates can help their organizations plan, develop and complete their cloud transformations. Students gain the business acumen and strategic and technical skills they need to ensure data security, create solutions in the cloud and conduct ongoing maintenance.

Purdue University Global offers a world-class online education that is designed especially for working adults. The school strives to make high-quality education accessible to more students by keeping tuition affordable. The school offers traditional online education as well as competency-based learning.

Highlight: This program is comprised of 180 credit hours and requires about 15-18 hours per week of effort from the student.

Program: BS in Cloud Computing and Solutions

2. American Military University

American Military University offers an online undergraduate certificate in cloud computing. Students can pair this certificate with a bachelor’s degree in computer technology, cybersecurity, data science, information technology or another related degree. The cloud computing certificate program provides advanced knowledge and skills that will come in handy in today’s interconnected world. Students study data security, privacy, network installation and virtualization in a cloud computing environment. Graduates can implement and design cloud computing solutions.

American Military University offers more than 200 degrees and certificates. The classes are offered online and run for either 8 or 16 weeks at a time. AMU is the leading provider of higher education to members of the US military. Eighty-eight percent of the school’s students are working adults, and the average student’s age is 32. AMU has more than 100,000 alumni and has conferred 112,000 degrees since 1995.

Highlight: This certificate program helps students expand their knowledge of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Program: Cloud Computing Undergraduate Certificate

3. George Mason University

Next on the list of the best cloud computing degree programs is the Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration in cloud computing from George Mason University. The school claims that cloud computing is expected to be a $300 billion industry by 2021. With more than 50,000 cloud computing jobs available now, the job market looks promising. The median salary for a cloud computing professional is $146,000. Two of the top five cities for cloud computing jobs are Arlington/Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C., both of which are located about half an hour from the university.

George Mason University was founded in 1972 based on the ideals of service and academic excellence. The school is a leader in research in scholarship and strives to help students prepare for a dynamic, ever-changing world. GMU’s motto is Freedom and Learning.

Highlight: The school works with AWS Educate curriculum designers to ensure that the curriculum provides the skills students will need in the workforce.

Program: BAS in Cloud Computing

4. CSU Global

The degree specialization in Virtualization and Cloud Computing from CSU Global is another of the best cloud computing degree programs in the US. This specialization can be paired with the BS in Computer Science, the BS in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics or the BS in Information Technology. It is made up of five courses, which total 15 credit hours. The five courses are securing virtual and cloud systems, server virtualization technologies, enterprise cloud computing, cloud technology fundamentals and virtualization technology fundamentals.

CSU Global’s courses are designed with the modern learner in mind. Many of the school’s students work full time, go to school and still have time to spend with their family and friends. The courses are all 100% online and are designed to give students the skills they need to excel in their new professions.

Highlight: This degree specialization allows students to advance their careers by adding specialized skills to their resumes.

Program: Virtualization and Cloud Computing

5. Western Governors University

Western Governors UniversityWestern Governors University offers a Bachelor of Science in Cloud Computing. This program is one of the best cloud computing degree programs in the country. It provides students with the credentials they need to enhance their resumes and advance their careers in the field of cloud computing. WGU’s online BS in Cloud Computing provides the skills and knowledge students need to turn their passion for technology into an exciting and lucrative career in cloud computing. As a bonus, students can earn AWS certifications as they work toward their degrees.

Western Governors University bills itself as “the world’s most student-centric university.” The school helps bridge the gap between talent, experience and opportunity. Students can progress through their programs at an accelerated pace by leveraging what they already know. At WGU, students have the freedom and flexibility they need to succeed.

Highlight: 84% of WGU’s Cloud Computing graduates complete the program within 18 months.

Program: BS in Cloud Computing

6. Morgan State University

Another of the best cloud computing degree programs in the US is the BS in Cloud Computing from Morgan State University. This program provides distinctive, workforce-oriented, hands-on, inclusive, innovative educational experiences to nontraditional students, including working adults. The program provides students with the skills they need to be able to work with cloud computing services and applications in the real world. Graduates are qualified for positions as researchers, analysts, analytics specialists, security specialists, application developers, engineers, architects and cloud administrators.

Morgan State University is a doctoral research institution that was founded in 1867. The school offers education to a multinational, multiracial and multiethnic student body. There are over 125 degree programs for students to choose from. The school has state-of-the-art facilities and its campus is designated as a National Treasure.

Highlight: This program is offered both online and in-person in a traditional classroom setting.

Program: BS in Cloud Computing

7. Marymount University

Marymount University offers a Cloud Computing Accelerated Second Degree BS. This program is open to students who have either completed another bachelor’s degree or are working on it. Students must complete the liberal arts core and the prerequisites before enrolling in the program. Some of the required courses for the program are cybersecurity principles, python programming, web development, digital technologies, advanced web development, software engineering, advanced python scripting, database technology, computer networking and cloud computing.

Marymount University is a Catholic university that was established in 1950. The university is divided into four schools: the Malek School of Health Professions; the School of Sciences, Mathematics and Education; the School of Business and Technology; and the School of Design, Arts and Humanities. Marymount has three campuses in Arlington, VA: the main campus, the Ballston Center and the 4040 Center. There are around 3,300 students.

Highlight: This accelerated degree can be completed in just four semesters.

Program: Cloud Computing Accelerated Second Degree BS

8. Full Sail University

Full Sail University offers a BS in Information Technology that prepares students to be able to virtualize information via the cloud and distributed networks. Students gain a foundation in storage, network and virtualizing systems and learn how to develop software-defined data centers leveraging the latest technology. They learn to identify wide-area and local-area networks and learn how data is delivered via the internet. Students also learn about cloud management platforms. They learn to apply their scripting, storage, networking and virtualization skills to cloud software.

Full Sail University offers master’s, bachelor’s and associate degrees for technology, arts, media, entertainment and more. The school takes a creative and innovative approach to education that gives students a relevant, fast-paced and immersive learning experience that reflects the fast pace as which the workforce functions in this day and age.

Highlight: This program can be completed in 29 months online or 20 months on campus.

Program: BS in Information Technology

9. Devry University

DeVry University offers a degree specialization in Cloud-based Networking and Virtualization that can be applied to the bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Networking. This specialization teaches students how to store, transmit, implement and design data in the cloud. Students learn concepts such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The program incorporates the Tech Core curriculum and emphasizes hands-on learning, giving students the tech skills they need to start working in cloud computing right away.

DeVry University has been offering online education for 20 years. The school allows students to attend classes while continuing to work and live their lives. Courses are offered in 8-week chunks for ease of scheduling, and there are plenty of resources available for students.

Highlight: Students who attend school year-round can complete a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Networking with a specialization in Cloud-based Networking and Virtualization in just two years and eight months.

Program: Cloud-Based Networking and Virtualization

10. ECPI University

ECPI University offers a BS in Computer and Information Science with a major in Cyber and Information Security Technology-Cloud Computing track that is one of the best cloud computing degree programs around. This program prepares students to help businesses become more agile, efficient and flexible through cloud computing. Students learn how to use software as a service, platforms and infrastructures to power cloud computing. They will be prepared to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the cloud computing field as demand for workers continues to grow.

ECPI University is affordable, flexible and fast. The school offers career-focused programs in a variety of fields, including culinary arts, criminal justice, business, nursing, health science and technology. The school is military-friendly and offers on-base locations for military personnel.

Highlight: By taking advantage of ECPI University’s accelerated schedule students can complete the BS in Computer and Information Science with a major in Cyber and Information Security Technology-Cloud Computing track in 2.5 years.

Program: BS in Computer and Information Science – Cloud Computing

Can I Get a Cloud Computing Degree Online?

Yes, you can get an online cloud computing degree online. The course is based on the concentration of technological resources, through the establishment of data centers, to offer services based on information technologies in a ubiquitous and on-demand way. The basic concepts of the model are studied. Other studies involve architectures, mechanisms and technologies of data centers most used in the implementation of solutions with cloud format. Cloud management systems are also considered and used for academic and commercial environments, as well as information assurance schemes for the implementation of the model.

The general objective of cloud computing degree online is for each student to understand and apply the concepts and models associated with cloud computing technologies, to evaluate, design, implement and test information technology projects and applications, on said platform, within an organization, through the study of bibliographic material, the review of practical examples and case studies. Once you find an online school that offers cloud computing, the next thing to do is to sign up for the course; paying the necessary fees required. You can opt for a specific cloud computing course or choose a Bachelor of Computer Science program at an accredited University. You should bear in mind, though, that the cloud computing course is accelerated and you will complete this faster than you would a bachelor’s program. The cloud computing course is also less expensive.

Many schools in the United States are now offering cloud computer bachelor degree programs. Choose a school that carries out its professional internships in recognized corporations and that have curricular value so that you can gain experience. Do not forget to research the professors, since they will be your first reference to learn and practice on topics related to the cloud computing. Choose the option that is closest to your home or work, and if not possible, find a school to which has a short commute. Give preference to schools that have flexible hours, even if you are not working at the moment, you may decide to look for work in the future.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s in Cloud Computing?

Once you complete your degree, you can search for entry-level jobs in cloud computing where you will use the skills you learned to get a job that gives you various responsibilities such as describing the terminology, technological components and models involved in the implementation of a computational cloud and its applications, to properly apply the models, through the bibliographic review and through the analysis of case studies.

Some IT Technical entry-level cloud computing jobs ask you to manage the elements that make up the hardware and software infrastructure of a computational cloud, to enable technological services provided on-demand, through practical examples. In addition, you may be asked to evaluate the physical and logical architecture of a cloud platform based on the technologies available in the industry, to evaluate the feasibility and convenience of a cloud infrastructure, through comparison with traditional technology scenarios.

There are Oracle Analyst cloud computing entry-level jobs where you will design, implement and test the mechanisms of a cloud infrastructure, such as scalability, application resilience and multiple occupations, to improve the use of technological resources, through practical examples. You may also be asked to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud architectures and options available in the market, to assess the feasibility of migrating systems to the cloud, through the assessment of the conditions of services, costs and technical parameters. You will be able to harness your skills and your education to implement methodologies as well as the latest technology in cloud solutions; designing across different platforms.

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