10 Free Online Security Tools

10 Free Online Security Tools for Security Professionals

Free online security tools are resources from uniforms to state-specific training that enhance the nation’s security professionals. The post-9/11 world is all about safety, and the top 10 free online tools for security careers facilitate the jobs of new and existing personnel.

Many people use the Internet for personal pursuits, but many companies now realize the value of making important information accessible through the online universe. Computers and mobile devices can do more than play Angry Birds.

1. MI-5 Security Service

United Kingdom-based MI5 security forces have a unique entry on their official website entitled Day in the Life (mi5.gov.uk). The piece is a first-hand account of daily happenings as seen through the eyes of a security guard named Emma in an organization made famous courtesy of Mission: Impossible movies. Emma describes a world of 12-hour shifts spent protecting the MI building, its occupants, and all internal possessions. This entry makes the list for two reasons: it delivers a realistic portrayal of daily security operations and illustrates the important role that women play within the industry.


2. CiNet

Security personnel requirements vary between states and visitors to Critical Info Net (CiNet) simply click on their place of residence to determine if they meet the criteria. The site assists people who are looking to establish a fully licensed training facility, but it is also helpful for curious parties who wonder if they are employable within the industry. Users can also explore the differences between Level 1 (beginner) and Level 2 (specialized) training and read on the individual courses offered at each level.


3. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

The BLS (bls.gov) is the go-to guide in regard to employment information. Security personnel can review average pay rates throughout the country, job descriptions and see which states offer the most employment opportunities. The site facilitates job searches and delivers enough data to facilitate pay negotiations. BLS experts describe multiple types of security positions, encouraging people to narrow their focus and explore specific sub-divisions.


4. Security Uniforms Incorporated (SUI)

One important aspect of security detail is the uniform. In many cases, personnel does not wear a suit and tie, but rather a specific set of clothing selected by the employer. Some employers order clothing for their employees, and others turned to SUI (securityuniforms.com) since the early 1900s for their dress needs. Vests, sweaters, and badges are available sans shipping charges and provide staff with a truly polished appearance. For people living near New Britain, Connecticut, a 5,000-square-foot store turns the virtual universe into a reality.


5. Security Guard Headquarters

It can be increasingly difficult to find comprehensive information about hiring qualifications for a particular area. Aspiring personnel turns to Security Guard HQ (securityguardtraininghq.com) to find training programs in their respective states. In addition to spelling out all the preliminaries involved with entering security, the site also lists all applicable fees involved with fingerprinting and licensing. The site hosts a blog specializing in security information and lists nationwide employment opportunities.


6. ABM Security Services

ABM (abm.com) sits on this list, not because of the advice they offer, but due to its industry excellence as one of the top 10 best security agencies in the United States. Their techniques also received federal certification from the Department of Homeland Security. ABM specializes in many security services, including plain-clothes detail, ushers, and crowd control. A wide range of commercial employment opportunities exists for formally trained security and military personnel. For individuals seeking a career change, qualifying for a position at the company could signal a crowning career achievement.


7. Security Guard Pepper Spray Training (Video)

One of the most notorious processes of higher-level security training involves the use of pepper spray. In order to learn moderation and stave off a group of overly aggressive officers, many programs require candidates to apply spicy weapons to one another. YouTube featured a segment where one man introduced his friend to the painful world of pepper spray while advising on officer body placement and length of application (youtu.be/97J0XJANAMM). This brings a completely new meaning to trial by fire.


8. Security Guard Control Tactics and Restraints

Security personnel with limited knowledge of control tactics and restraints tread a fine line. Using too much force can result in injury or death and destroy a promising career. Gaining a physically aggressive reputation could also cause career liabilities. YouTube contributor Samir Seif offers a four-minute video on controlling disruptive subjects without using maximum force. Based on viewer comments, restraint will continue to be an important topic to all security personnel.


9. National Association of Security Companies (NASCO)

Gaining familiarity with professional organizations is one way of creating a long, noteworthy career. NASCO (nasco.org) represents security companies that employ approximately one-quarter of million-trained security staff in the U.S. Regular visits to the website allow personnel to stay abreast of industry changes and see how security relates to the public. The site lists nationwide conferences and events that offer a prime opportunity to network and socialize with other industry professionals.


10. All Criminal Justice Schools

All Criminal Justice Schools (allcriminaljusticeschools.com) is one of many sites catering to students interested in law enforcement. What sets the material apart from others is an interview given by 17-year veteran Kathryn Stalls, offering a unique look into the security industry. In addition to stressing the importance of intelligent eloquence, she also states that the job is not about pleasing other people and candidates should be prepared to experience harassment as part of the occupation. Readers receive a realistic glimpse into what can sometimes be an unglamorous profession.


Free Online Security Tools for You

Each of the previously listed sites enhances different aspects of working in security. Individuals who are not familiar with the industry can receive clarification in their occupational pursuits. Experienced personnel has the opportunity to use their experience and further their existing career.

According to experts at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the security industry is thriving. Average annual salaries start at approximately $24,380 United States dollars (USD), and a high-school diploma is the only academic credential required for many positions.