Ultimate Security Career Guide

This Ultimate Security Career Guide is an overview of the areas of the security sector and the jobs and salaries associated with each area. As an occupation, security has never been more in-demand. From cybersecurity and information security in the age of Big Data to national, emergency, and homeland security post-9/11, to the vast world of private security contracting, security is one of the. world’s biggest occupational sectors. So, here’s the Security Degree Hub guide to security careers.

Cybersecurity, Information Security – Government and Business

If you are spending time considering a career in the security industry, you have likely looked for the answers to the following questions. And if you have not found the answer to these questions, SDH can help you find them!

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  • What masters in cyber security jobs are available as remote positions?
  • Is there a cyber security careers list available to review for cybersecurity management jobs specifically?
  • Would cybersecurity management jobs meet my salary expectations?
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Ultimate Security Career Guide

The reality is there are cyber security training for executives programs that prepare individuals for cybersecurity management and policy jobs for the government in positions around the world. The United State federal government publishes an online cyber security careers list as well as other job boards for a variety of network security jobs available at that time.

Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posts federal security jobs through its managed job board USAJOBS. These federal government security jobs boards include a variety of federal security officer positions from many of the federal security agencies in search of employees. The federal security agencies offering jobs on these job boards include the following –

  • US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • The United States Secret Service (SS)
  • US Customs & Border Protection (CBP)
  • The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC)
  • Federal Protective Service (FPS)

Those employed by the United States (US) Coast Guard or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are employed in federal protectives service jobs as well as federal security guard jobs. These federal security jobs require the security profession to protect, to respond, and also to recover from national hazards and catastrophic events.

Additional federal protective service jobs are also available in mission support roles as a federal security officer for a national cybersecurity center or federal security guard jobs at the Domestic Nuclear Detection (DNDO) Office or the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).


Emergency and Disaster Management

Emergency management careers are generally divided into four fundamental categories that work in each of the disaster management’s four phases. Furthermore, each phase represents one part of emergency management disaster planning.

  • Mitigation of an emergency event.
  • Preparedness for the inevitable emergency event.
  • Response to an emergency event.
  • Recovery to victims and property after an emergency event.

Within these four phases of emergency management, there are also many emergency management careers from which to choose.

Careers in Emergency Management

Before you decide which emergency management specialist career path, be certain to answer these questions –

  • Where can I find suggested career tips for emergency management online?
  • How can I begin an emergency management consultant career?
  • What is the quickest emergency management career path?
  • Are there careers in disaster and emergency management that allow for worldwide travel as a part of the job?

Emergency and disaster management careers also include these positions below.

  • Nuclear Emergency Planner or Specialist.
  • Safety Specialist.
  • Emergency Services Director or Management Specialist.
  • Hospital Emergency Preparedness Administrator or Support Specialist.
  • Disaster Recovery Specialist.

Additionally, individuals with careers in emergency management or disaster and emergency management careers are responsible for the below duties.

  • Identifying vulnerable areas in need of attention and then making a disaster response plan.
  • Developing processes and procedures to implement during times of national and local emergencies.
  • Coordinating and also managing emergency procedures with various levels of emergency personnel.


Private Security Jobs

If you have an interest in using your security skills in the private sector, there are also many private security jobs available. As you consider your options for private security contractor jobs, remember that some of the highest-paying private security jobs may be available overseas.

Then, be sure to answer these questions as you consider private security careers.

  • How much do military contractors make working domestically?
  • How much do mercenaries make working in private security careers?
  • Are there private security jobs overseas or private security jobs near me?
  • How do I find overseas private security contractor jobs for my education and experience?
  • Does public security vs private security compare in terms of compensation packages?
  • How much do military contractors make working internationally?
  • Does a private security salary compare to a private military contractor’s salary?
  • How much do mercenaries make when working overseas?

Examples of Private Security Jobs

Some of the highest paying private security jobs fall within the computer and technology sector. However, those who prefer to work outside the United States, can find overseas private security jobs online and through private security jobs overseas job boards.

Additional private security contractor jobs are available in the travel, entertainment, and casino industries. The private security salary for information security specialists, clinical infrastructure protection, or personnel security varies but is comparable to a private military contractor’s salary.

Overseas Private Security Contractor Jobs

For those individuals who have an appropriate combination of training and experience, it is possible to find gainful employment by applying for one of the many overseas private security jobs available. These private security careers generally require applicants to have an unblemished police history and be in top physical condition to qualify for these overseas private security jobs.


Levels of Security Degrees

Associates in IT

There are many quality IT associates degrees and programs available online and on-campus for students interested in earning an associate degree in Homeland Security or other security-related programs. Online IT associates degree or Homeland Security Associates degree programs typically only require a high school diploma or its equivalent as a pre-requisite for program approval.

Many students choose to earn their IT associate degree online, where distance learning provides tremendous flexibility for working learners or busy parents. Still, other students prefer to attend an on-campus IT associates degree or an associates in Homeland Security program at a nearby professional school or college.

Deciding to earn an associate degree in IT degree on-campus or an IT associates degree online will open job opportunities as loss prevention agents, surveillance officers, or security team leaders for armored trucks, to name a few. When applying for an online IT associates degree program, it is important to determine the state in which you intend to work.


Bachelor’s Degree in Security Studies

Like associate-level degrees in cyber security and homeland security, there are a variety of cybersecurity undergraduate degree programs and Homeland security bachelor degree programs online and on-campus.

Graduates from cyber security undergraduate degree programs find rewarding work or choose to further their education by earning a security-related degree from one of the many cyber security master’s programs available online or traditionally, on-campus.


Master’s in Security Studies

With the need for counterterrorism on a national level, there are many graduate-level security degree programs. Examples of these cyber security master programs include the ones below.

Graduates from a master’s in Intelligence degree program hone their critical thinking and systematic aptitudes working in the government or private sector. Those who hold a Master’s degree in Counter-Terrorism or a Master’s in Intelligence and National Security find work either domestically or internationally.

Business majors, who hold an Information Security MBA degree, often find an enhanced MBA cyber security salary when entering the workforce.


Ultimate Security Career Guide

Salaries for Best Security Jobs

The statisticians working for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offer up-to-date salary and employment data for Information Security Analysts. It is noted that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Information Security Analyst category includes a variety of high-paying security jobs.

According to the federal statisticians, the median annual salary for 2019 for Information Security Analysts was $99,730. This translates to $47.95  per hour. Similar occupations related to information security include the ones below.

Information Security Careers

Computer Network Architects – with a 2019 median annual salary of $112,690, which translates to $54.18 per hour. There were more than 159,000 computer network architects working in the US in 2018.

Computer and Information Systems Managers – – with a 2019 median annual salary of $146,360, which translates to $70.37 per hour. There were more than 414,000 computer and information systems managers working in the US in 2018.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators – with a 2019 median annual salary of $83,510, which translates to $40.15 per hour. There were more than 383,900 network and computer systems administrators working in the US in 2018.

Computer Systems Analysts – – with a 2019 median annual salary of $90,920, which translates to $43.71 per hour. There were more than 633,900 computer systems analysts working in the US in 2018.

Computer and Information Research Scientists – – with a 2019 median annual salary of $122,840, which translates to $59.06 per hour. There were more than 31,000 computer and information research scientists working in the US in 2018.

Computer Programmers – with a 2019 median annual salary of $86,550, which translates to $41.61 per hour. There were more than 250,000 computer programmers working in the US in 2018.

Job Growth and Outlook

In 2019, there were more than 110,000 Information Security Analysts, many of whom hold some of the highest paying security jobs and the best security jobs available in the country. Statisticians anticipate the job growth rate for some of the best paying security jobs to be about 32% through the next decade, which is more than six times the average growth rate of all other careers combined in the United States.

Some of the highest paying security jobs are available in a number of sectors that include the many levels of government, investment firms, and business entities, to name a few. The following table details the states that offer the highest paying security jobs.

States with High Paying Security JobsAnnual Wage for Best Paying Security Jobs
New York$121,750
New Jersey$121,570
Washington DC$119,160
States with High Paying Security Jobs
Metropolitan Areas with High Paying Security JobsAnnual Wage
San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA$133,040
New York – New Jersey – Pennsylvania$127,850
San Francisco – Oakland -Hayward, CA$122,570
Bridgeport – Stamford, Norwalk$121,330
Chambersburg – Waynesboro, PA$119,320
Metropolitan Areas with High Paying Security Jobs
Non -Metropolitan Areas with High Paying Security JobsAnnual Wage
Northeast Virginia$107,650
West, Northwest Ohio$103,420
Northwest Virginia$  97,110
Northern West Virginia$  96,140
Chambersburg – Waynesboro, PA$  91,390
Non -Metropolitan Areas with High Paying Security Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs in Cyber security

For those interested in cyber security careers, it is likely that you have asked these questions below.

  • What is the  Information Security Analyst salary I can expect to start?
  • Does a Network Security Salary differ from the salary of an Information Security Analyst?
  • How will the salary for an Information Security Analyst change with experience?
  • What is the Information Assurance salary for new hires?

In addition to the information Security Analyst salary data shown above, some of the highest paying jobs in cyber security work with job titles like the ones listed below.

A Security Analyst – according to glassdoor.com, the average salary for a security analyst is $76,410 each year.

A Network Security Analyst – according to glassdoor.com, the network security salary, on average, is $76,410.

An Information Security Analyst – according to glassdoor.com, an information security analyst’s salary starts at about $72,000. The highest salary for an Information Assurance Analyst maxes out around $115,000.

Emergency Management Jobs Salary Statistics

There are many different emergency management jobs available. On average, emergency management directors typically have an emergency and disaster management salary of $74,590 each year. Those states with the highest emergency and disaster management jobs salary are listed below.

States with the Highest Paying Crisis and Disaster Manage SalaryDisaster and Emergency Management Salary Statistics
Washington, DC$120,680
New York$100,290
States with the Highest Paying Crisis and Disaster Manage Salary