Physical Conditioning for a Job in Security

Physical conditioning is important for many jobs in security, especially those like security guards or bodyguards that are physically demanding. Security careers in the private sector are growing in popularity. There are always openings for security jobs to protect either people or property. These are two very different, but related career paths.

Personal protection bodyguards are hired to keep celebrities, executives, and family members safe from harm. Security guards, on the other hand, are hired to keep watch over property may include guarding a building or the surrounding premises. The physical requirements for these jobs depend on which career path you take.

Personal Protection Bodyguard and Physical Conditioning

Protecting people from physical harm is not an easy job. This is a huge responsibility and it is not a career to take lightly. Forget about the glamorous way Hollywood portrays bodyguards. These types of security jobs require a high degree of physical fitness. It is common for bodyguards to spend hours on their feet keeping a steady watch on their clients. While many hours may be spent uneventfully, there are those times when bodyguards must intervene between their clients and people that want to get too close.

For this career, you need to be prepared to handle any type of crowd. It may be necessary to physically prevent people from manhandling a client. As a personal protection bodyguard, you may need to chase someone at a moment’s notice. If a client needs to be carried, that is also something a bodyguard may have to do. Basically, you need to be in great shape in order to handle whatever may happen while on duty.

Why is Physical Fitness Important for Security Jobs?

Applying for a job as a security guard may or may not require passing a physical fitness test. Currently, there are no standard fitness rules or guidelines for security guards. Individual companies are left to their own devices when it comes to the fitness of the guards they hire. For example, one company may require you to have a minimum level of fitness. Another company may have no fitness requirement.

Physical Conditioning for Security Guards

Do you have to be fit to be a security guard? Before applying for a security guard job read the job description carefully and determine the security guard physical requirements.

  • Does it require a lot of walking or standing?
  • Would you be responsible for crowd control?

The job description should reveal clues as to how to fit you need to be in order to adequately perform job duties.

Security Degree Requirements

Becoming a personal bodyguard often requires special training from a qualified training program such as an executive protection school. Additional training in emergency EMT, defensive driving, and surveillance make it more likely to be hired. Landing one of these jobs is not easy, because there are high expectations when it comes to mental and physical performance. Make sure you thoroughly check out bodyguard training schools to ensure they have trainers with twenty or more years of expertise. The best personal protection schools have established a national reputation for excellence.

It is not necessary to have a formal security degree to work as a security guard. Again, this varies from job to job. A high school diploma is good enough for many jobs. While other positions require a two-year degree in criminal justice or a related discipline.

Strength Training and Physical Conditioning

Regardless of what type of security job you wish to do for a living, it never hurts to take steps to get into great shape before applying. Strength training is a fantastic way to lose weight and tone up the muscles in your body.

Strengthening your body may include doing many reps of endurance exercises such as push-ups, leg lifts, abdominal lifts, and weight lifting. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to grow bulky muscles. In fact, most people that do strength training workouts have a nice muscle tone that looks natural. These exercises strengthen your body core and improve overall health. Being physically stronger gives you more confidence in being able to perform challenging security job duties.

Cardiovascular Workouts to Improve Physical Condition

No matter what your specific security assignment is, there may come a time when you will need to sprint into action at a moment’s notice. If an emergency should arise, you do not want to be huffing and puffing to the scene. The stereotype of the out-of-shape security guard is way too prevalent. Show up for job interviews looking fit and trim and ready to take charge. Regular cardiovascular workouts are a great way to prepare for any running, jogging, or jumping you may have to do.

Aerobic workouts are perfect for getting your heart rate up and improving blood circulation. Choose a fun workout program and do aerobic exercises for at least twenty minutes a day, three days a week.

Physically Demanding Security Jobs

When you are pursuing security jobs it is a good idea to keep in mind that some security careers are more physically demanding than others. In order to land the job you desire, take steps to get into good physical shape. Even if there is no formal requirement to be fit, you have a better chance of landing the job if you are healthy and physically capable of handling any situation that comes your way.