Security in Pennsylvania

Security Jobs in Pennsylvania differ by location and job duties, but there are many roles available with all levels of training and education.

About Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state in a geographically interesting area. On one side, it shares a shore with Lake Eerie and has a major Atlantic seaport on the other end. The state has a rich history, deeply connected with that of the entire American country. Many historical sites from the Revolutionary Era, like Valley Forge, are visited by millions of tourists yearly. Its largest cities include Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and the state had a strong industrial history in the past.

Featured Schools

Extensive farming areas outside the main cities attract particular attention to the Amish and Mennonite communities. Both cultures live on the fringes of society and are very reticent to engage with the surrounding modern world. There are many parks and wilderness areas exemplary of the natural beauty of the northeastern US, and are dotted across the entire state, making for an excellent system to visit. Pymatuning State Park is the largest, at over 20,000 acres in size, and includes one of the state’s largest lakes.

Security Education and Financial Aid

Pennsylvania has a relatively stable outlook on jobs within the security sector. There are several schools, based in the area as well as online, that offer degrees and programs in criminal justice, security, and also related fields. Graduating from a program with a degree in criminal justice, or a program with security training will significantly increase the chances of landing a job in the field. It will also increase your chance for higher pay and other benefits.

Financial aid is available on state and federal levels, depending on the degree program. Certain schools may also offer scholarships, private financial aid, and also education loans. In addition, company-subsidized education is available from some employers. All of these programs help to offset the costs incurred in gaining a specific education for an exciting field full of opportunities!

Security Employment and Jobs Outlook

There are websites dedicated to listing and cataloging the availability of security jobs. With a little research, you can find many opportunities for security jobs. Much of the work is for security supervisors, private sector security officers, and also police officers.

There are several private security businesses in the state of Pennsylvania and some of them are the leading companies in the industry. These companies have work that extends outside the boundaries of the state. Many of these jobs are based in the larger cities, and it would be a good place to start searching for and applying to jobs in the most populous cities, where security is more in demand.

LocationTotal Security Guard EmploymentAverage Salary
All of United States1,124,890$34,750
BLS employment of Security Guards by State

Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Requirements

Do you need a license to be a security guard in Pennsylvania? You do need a license to be a security guard in Pennsylvania.