What is the Office of Inspector General?

The office of the inspector general works to improve the programs within the federal government and fight corruption. Recently, due to events in politics, the Office of the Inspector General has been getting a lot more interest than that normally boring government division would see.

What is the Purpose of the Office of Inspector General?

The inspector general is a government official whose main responsibility is to enhance both effectiveness and efficiency by seeking out corruption. When discussing what is the inspector general, one must also take into consideration that this is the individual responsible for detecting fraud and abuse.

What Does the Inspector General Do?

At the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), civil servants monitor how the government uses taxpayer dollars and perform audits. So what does the inspector general mean to the taxpayers? Is there any connection between OIG investigations and you? Absolutely. The assistant inspector general for each agency makes sure that the money American citizens pay in taxes is not wasted by fraud and bad management.

When discussing what is the job of the inspector general, a person also has to take into consideration that this person evaluates the actions of government agencies in addition to the military. Basically, this person makes sure government-run agencies remain compliant with the law. Whether it’s the NSA, the FBI, or Homeland Security, there’s an inspector general watching over them.

Who Is the Inspector General?

Defining what is the office of the inspector general also entails understanding what individuals who work in this field investigate. As part of what is the job of the inspector general, an individual who holds this position targets government employees as well as government contractors. Grant recipients and those who receive government loans and assistance are also who the inspector generals target.

The inspector general has the authority to issue subpoenas to find the information and documents needed during an investigation. Additionally, this person takes an oath and is responsible for managing the staff in the OIG.

Back in 1978, someone who wanted to know about who is the inspector general would have to take into consideration that there is more than one office within the department. Initially, there were 12 offices of the inspector general.

How many Assistant Inspector Generals are there in the Federal Government?

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has the main office made up of the Inspector General, the Deputy Inspector General, the Office of the General Counsel, and six major divisions. Each division is headed by an Assistant Inspector General. The IG is appointed by the President. The Senate must confirm the appointment. Then, once they take the position the IG reports to the Attorney General and Congress.

How to Become an Inspector General?

Generally, a person starts by earning a bachelor’s degree in some security-related area. Ideally, a person who is considering becoming an agent or taking on another position at the office of the inspector general will want to choose a degree program, such as criminal justice. This particular degree educates individuals about the criminal justice system, even on a government level. It helps individuals gain an understanding of criminals and the statistics that enhance the likelihood of crime. The psychology aspect of the degree also helps people to gain a comprehension of the minds of people, which can make investigations simpler.

For instance, after a person completes the degree program, he or she must have at least three years of experience in criminal investigations. Keep in mind, that it’s also a requirement that a person is a legal US resident. This ensures the government can trust the person with the sensitive information they see and hear. The US government’s website has an online application process where individuals can find jobs as investigators or auditors.