What is a Cloud Architects Salary?

A Cloud Architects Salary is excellent and this sector has tremendous job growth, however, salary is affected by location, education, and experience. You will be surprised by how many young graduates pursue a professional career as cloud architects, engineers, or administrators. These brilliant individuals working in companies and also independently. This developing technology is changing the job market and it is normal that you wonder how much a cloud architect’s salary looks like, especially if you are going to dedicate yourself to this profession.

It is obvious that a new type of professional focused on computing will be needed in our new connected and ‘smart’ technological world. It is precisely at this point that cloud architects become vitally important for the present and future world. Currently, the labor market is changing in such a way that we find two groups: those that demand low-skilled jobs and have a lot of competition, and those that demand highly specialized jobs, with less competition and better paid.

Cloud Architect’s Responsibilities

A Cloud Architect is known to be proficient in building data communication for organizations. This is a very important and specialized job that requires authenticity, skill, and proprietary information when done. So, Cloud Architects demand a higher salary.

What does a Cloud Architect do?

Sometimes, their job is to build local area networks and Intranets to connect employees within and outside the office environment. They build large infrastructure that takes long hours to create; some of which provide services to thousands of customers. Cloud computer architects hold very essential positions in a company; laying out communication for the network, explaining to upper management how the networks operate, making sure that security is of the utmost priority, and upgrading the hardware that meets the company’s standards and guidelines.

What is a Cloud Architect’s Salary?

Whether you are looking for a new cloud architect job or want to start a career after completing a university degree in cloud computing, knowing if you are going to be well paid or not is a question that can bring many concerns, especially, if you still have student loans to pay.

What Does a Cloud Architect Earn?

The salary of an architect in the United States, on average, is usually about $82,667 per year, which is equivalent to about $6,889 per month, while his monthly salary income is $1,590 or $40 per hour respectively per week. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2019, cloud architect salaries range from $112,690 to $164,000; depending on the experience, skill, education, and other variables.

An entry-level cloud architect’s salary could be as low as $60,000, but if proven that their standard of work is excellent and after gaining more experience, the salary can increase enormously. To earn $54.18 per hour, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and up to 5 years of experience. After you have been in the business for at least 3 years or more and you work hard to show your competence and proficiency, you can expect the senior cloud architect salary to be above $100,000. It all depends on the corporation or organization you are working for.

What are the Best Locations for Cloud Architects?

There are variations in the salary of cloud architect professionals in the United States. Those who earn the lowest salary are at $63,000 per year, while those with the highest salaries earn about $100,000 per year.

One of its variants can be the state where they work. For example, the salary of a cloud architect in a state such as New York or Massachusetts earns around $100,000 a year. However, let’s see a list of the different annual salaries for these professionals in other states.

  • New Hampshire: $88,027
  • Maryland: $83,757
  • Nebraska: $82,889
  • Hawaii: $82,849
  • Vermont: $82,846

What States have the Highest Salaries for Cloud Computer Architects?

So far a list of the states with the highest salaries for cloud computer architect positions, although on the other hand, it is also good to mention some states that have the lowest salaries for architecture professionals, here is a list of how much they earn year:

  • Illinois: $72,480.
  • Michigan: $72,450.
  • Missouri: $70,872.
  • Florida: $69,569.
  • North Carolina: $64,132.

What Skills Do You Need to be a Cloud Architect?

If you want to increase the chances of success with companies looking for qualified candidates for cloud architecture positions, then the recommendation is to acquire knowledge and management in computer-aided design programs.

Are Cloud Architects In-Demand?

The employability rate for cloud architect positions is good. The BLS estimates a growth of 8% from 2020 to 2030. However, there are a large number of aspiring professional architects, which means great competence in this professional profile and also a high number of interns in cloud architect.