Cloud Architect Education Requirements

Cloud architect education requirements include earning a certificate, a bachelor’s in cloud computing, or a master’s degree. Cloud computing has changed technology for the better. For one thing, it’s made life easier for business owners, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizers, and more. Thanks to the cloud, people can share documents securely and easily, eliminate duplicates and reduce miscommunication, and generally run things more quickly. Plus, the cloud has opened up more jobs in the IT field. Now that so many enterprises and organizations use the cloud for their day-to-day work, a lot more people want to know how to become cloud architects.

Who is a Good Fit to be a Cloud Architect?

If you have a talent for programming, a flair for numbers, and a passion for keeping systems secure, then cloud architecture may be the career for you. There are a lot of questions that come with getting started, though, especially since cloud architecture is a relatively new career option. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to become a cloud architect. Take a look at these questions to see how you might get started in the field.

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How Can I Become a Cloud Architect?

If you’re asking “how can I become a cloud architect?” then you probably already know that this career comes with a lot of responsibilities. A cloud architect designs, implements, manages and models their organization’s entire computer strategy. As such, they need a lot of IT knowledge and experience working with computers.

What do you need to become a Cloud Architect?

Now, there are no official “rules” about how to become a cloud architect. However, you will definitely need some cloud architect training if you want to succeed in the field. Some companies may have specific cloud architect training requirements.

Once you’ve gotten some training under your belt (more on those options in the next question), you can start applying for entry-level cloud architecture jobs. For instance, you may work as a junior cloud technician, an IT support specialist, or even an intern. From there, you can work your way up the ranks as you gain trust and responsibility within your organization.

What Kind of Cloud Architect Training Do I Need?

Again, there are no official cloud architect education requirements, at least not on a broad level. However, if you’re serious about asking “how do I become a cloud architect?” then you’ll at least need to prove that you understand how cloud architecture works. Furthermore, some companies do have specific education requirements for their applicants, such as a bachelor’s degree. Others may require a master’s degree.

Even if an organization doesn’t require a specific type of education, a degree can help cloud architects stay competitive in the job market and gain more leverage for raises and promotions. A degree in computer science or a similar degree can impart the knowledge and skills that cloud architects need on the job.

Another benefit to earning a degree is that it’s a great way to make connections. Often, landing a great job is more about who you know than what you know. A degree can open doors to networking and internships, both of which can pave the way to a satisfying career.

Should I get a Cloud Certification?

At some point, every cloud architect should at least consider getting a cloud architect certification. Cloud architects can choose from several certification options. Which cloud certification should I get first?  Some are suited to entry-level architects, while others require more work experience. Some focus on specific cloud systems such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

These are good options for cloud architects who want to gain credibility with one of those particular systems. At least one certification option, however, is not vendor-specific and covers more broad topics. In any case, certification can help a cloud architect gain a competitive edge in the field. Some cloud architects even pursue more than one certification throughout their careers.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Cloud Architect?

Just like the “how do I become a cloud architect?” question, the “how long does it take to become a cloud architect?” question can be a bit tricky to answer because there are no hard and fast requirements. However, cloud architecture does require a specific skill set and work ethic, so it can take some time to establish this kind of career. Often, cloud architects don’t begin as cloud architects. Instead, they usually start in other entry-level IT jobs, gain knowledge and training along the way, and work their way up to the cloud architecture position.

“Cloud architect jobs generally go to those in the middle and later stages of their careers,” explains Ed Tittel and Earl Follis in Business News Daily. “People who aspire to and actually fill those positions usually have 8-10 years of prior on-the-job experience, often with a mix of jobs involving work as a strong technical contributor or technical expert, team lead, or first – or second-level manager.”

Your Career in Could Computing

Whether you choose to become a cloud architect by earning a certificate, a bachelor’s in cloud computing, or a master’s degree, you will find a rewarding profession Becoming a cloud architect may not be easy, but between the higher-than-average pay scale and the creative but technical work, cloud architects usually find that the time and effort is worth it.