Job Outlook for Security Employment

The outlook for security employment is excellent in the areas of information security, private investigators, and also security guards. What springs to mind when you think of security jobs? If it’s Paul Blart, you’re way behind the times.

Furthermore, the world is not getting any safer, and security careers are growing to match the need for protection. Do you enjoy intricate analysis at a computer or staying active on patrol? If so, making the world safer may be an excellent career option.

What are the Fastest-Growing Security Jobs?

What is the pay and job outlook prospects for a career in security? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some security jobs outstrip the average growth rate, while others lag. So, it is important to research security fields to find one that pays what you need and is growing. Is the security industry a good career? Security jobs are varied, so there should be something available for everyone’s talent and interest.

Is Security a High Demand Job?

Yes. Security careers by job description and the projected growth are listed below. As you can see, some security jobs are in demand more than others. Cyber security jobs are in the greatest demand so an information security analyst job is a great choice. So, the outlook for security employment is great if you pick the right sector for employment.

  • Information Security Analyst / 32%
  • Private Investigators / 6%
  • Security Guards/Gaming Surveillance Officers / 1%
  • Police and Detectives / 3%
  • Correctional Officers / -7%

Information Security

These cybersecurity professionals need to be business-savvy as well as technical stars. Some Information Security Analysts work for private companies to both identify and protect critical information assets. However, others configure network and system security to keep bad guys out of critical systems. Security jobs are also available in the antivirus industry, helping identify and head off new viruses and other hacker threats. This is a growth field, so it is a great security career for a technically oriented person. Furthermore, an information security analyst’s salary is one of the highest-paid roles in the security sector.

Information Security Analysts Top Industry EmployersAnnual Salary
Finance and Insurance$122,810
Management of Companies $110,490
Computer Systems Design $119,270
Administrative and Support Services$95,270
Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS information on top industry employers for Information Security.

Private Investigators and Detectives

Private Investigators, or PIs, aren’t just hard-boiled gumshoes. They need to be able to track down all sorts of information, from legal and financial and also personal matters. The work may involve actual stakeouts, interviews, undercover operations, or also computer searches. In addition, some offer protection to celebrities. Much PI training is on-the-job, though some college experience is helpful.

Private Investigators and Detectives Top Industry EmployersAnnual Salary
Finance and Insurance$64,010
Guard and Armored Services$47,280
Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS information on top industry employers for Private Investigators and Detectives.

Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance

These jobs do not pay as much as the first two listed, but they are growing and are extremely interesting. Security guards patrol and manage entry and egress to secure locations and also work with police if needed. Gaming surveillance officers watch casino floors for signs of cheating and also theft, often from video rooms. Local and state governments also employ gambling investigators and surveillance officers.

Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Top Industry EmployersAnnual Salary
Government – Gaming Surveillance$72,490
Casinos & Hotels – Gaming Surveillance$36,280
Security Guard – Educational Setting$38,480
Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS salary information on top industry employers for Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Officers.

Where do security guards get paid the most? According to ZipRecruiter, below are the highest paying security guard jobs.

Highest Paying Security Guard JobsAnnual Salary
Cannabis Dispensary Security GuardSalary range: $22,500-$172,000 per year
BodyguardSalary range: $39,000-$111,000 per year
Plant Protection OfficerSalary range: $44,500-$83,000 per year
Security EscortSalary range: $38,000-$73,500 per year
Protection OfficerSalary range: $34,000-$54,000 per year
Nuclear Security OfficerSalary range: $35,500-$49,500 per year
ZipRecruiter highest paying Security Guard roles.

Outlook for Security Employment in Other Sectors

The job growth for Police officers and also Correctional Guards lags behind the national average. But, these jobs are an excellent choice for the right person. However, it may be difficult to break into those fields.