What Security Degree Jobs Are There?

Security degree jobs are available in many areas including physical security, information security, and law enforcement. These degrees train students to protect a wide variety of people, property, and information. Graduates of security degrees work for public, private, and government organizations in many different fields, such as homeland security, information security, or cyber security.

What Careers are in Security Fields?

Examples of possible career options for security degree holders include information security analysts, gaming surveillance officers, and emergency management specialist.

1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts plan and implement security tactics to protect the computer networks and systems of a business or organization. They monitor the networks for unauthorized access and conduct investigations should a violation happen. They also install and utilize programs to protect sensitive data and information.

Many information security analysts assist computer users with new security products and practices. Information security analysts must also stay up to date on current information technology security topics. They commonly research new security technology procedures to determine the most effective for their employer. The median annual salary for information security analysts is approximately $102,600.

2. Gaming Surveillance Officer

Gaming surveillance officers monitor casinos and other gaming establishments to protect against criminal activity and hazardous situations. They monitor patrons on surveillance equipment, such as video cameras and two-way mirrors. Gaming surveillance officers typically monitor activity through observation rooms, and they also periodically walk the casino floor and observe other areas of the establishment.

They look out for unlawful behavior like theft and cheating, as well as hazards like fire and situations that may make the business unsafe. They also make sure all rules and laws are followed. They also control the access to the establishment and consistently conduct security checks. Gaming surveillance officers typically keep track of recordings from security cameras just in case they need to be used in law enforcement investigations. The median wage for gaming surveillance officers is around $35,450 yearly.

3. Emergency Management Specialist

Emergency management specialists prepare and assess damage evaluations after the occurrence of an emergency or disastrous situation. They carry out surveys to gain an understanding of the type of needs that must be addressed when planning for disasters. They commonly meet with representatives from medical facilities, schools, governments, and related organizations in a particular area to address the needs and capabilities if a disaster or emergency were to occur.

Emergency management specialists organize disaster response or crisis management tasks, like employing specialized programs, evacuating areas, and opening shelter environments. The median pay for emergency management specialists is around $70,000 per year.