Why Study Conflict Resolution and Peace?

We study conflict resolution and peace to learn to identify issues causing conflict and to find an equitable resolution between all parties. The peace studies and conflict resolution degree is a type of social science degree that focuses on finding resolutions between arguing or warring parties. When taking a look at what peace studies and conflict resolution are all about. you’ll find that it covers negotiating terms and treaties to stop ongoing conflict and bring peace to an area. Peace studies and conflict resolution degree teaches you how to identify the issue at hand, get to the root of the problem, and bring the heads of the warring factions to the negotiating table. to find an equitable resolution.

What is Important About Peace and Conflict Resolution?

You might be asking the question “why do we study peace and conflict resolution as a degree?” On the surface, the degree sounds like it has little value in terms of a career and earning potential. The truth is, this degree is valuable because it is a specialized field of knowledge. Graduates can apply the techniques to any situation where there are two parties that are at odds with each other. So, one of the main benefits of studying peace and conflict resolution is its universal application.

You can also work independently as a consultant for hire when a contract dispute arises and neither party wants to budge. Your skills are invaluable when it comes to analyzing the issues at hand and finding a solution that both parties can agree on. The conflict resolution and peace studies program is one that has value and can lead to a satisfactory career.

What Can You Do With a Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies Degree?

Earning a conflict resolution and peace studies degree gives you the option to start a career in government, nonprofits, and private organizations. You can find work in community organizations that focus on finding resolutions for conflicts between gangs who are at war, or you can work for a non-governmental organization that sends peacemakers to other countries in need of help.

Furthermore, graduates can use the skills they learn for contract negotiations in a number of industries. Conflict resolution and peace studies prepare you to work with two or more parties that are not getting along. Your role is to facilitate a peaceful situation and agree on terms.

A peace and conflict resolution major may find themselves working overseas with tribes who want to declare a truce to working as a union organizer to help employers and labor come to an agreement on a contract. There is a value in having an uninvolved third party work on the terms of a conflict and finding ways to resolve issues on both sides. Someone who has an aptitude for problem-solving will find peace studies and conflict resolution to be an exciting careers. It is always changing and challenging.

What Kind of Careers are Available for a Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Graduate?

The career field for a conflict resolution and peace studies graduate is wide open. For example, a graduate can work for the government at all levels. They can also work for non-government organizations or work overseas. Graduates can also find a position in the private sector and apply their negotiating skills to contract disputes and settlements.

The skills learned in a conflict resolution and peace studies program are universal, but a student should consider their career path during their studies. A student needs to have insight into the communities they want to help prior to starting their career, and if they want to work in societies that are far different than what they’re familiar with.

Conflict Resolution Certifications

Someone who has earned a peace and conflict resolution degree may also want to earn additional certification. These are available in legal studies or in fields where resolution and mediation skills are highly valued. Combining complementary areas of study can put you in demand among employers. Most employers want someone who can handle both conflict resolution and the laws that apply to a given situation. If your goal is to work overseas, you may want to take elective studies to learn about your destination for employment.

What’s the Earning Potential for Someone With a Peace and Conflict Resolution Degree?

According to the BLS, in 2021, the median pay for arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators was $49,410 per year. The job outlook for this career field is excellent. It will grow 10% through 2030, faster than average for all jobs in all sectors. The growth is largely due to labor costs since mediators are a cost-effective solution to lawyers and litigation.

A mediator works more quickly than lawyers and doesn’t require litigation in court to settle the matter at hand. The earning potential for someone with a peace and conflict resolution studies degree is very good. Therefore, this job can be a life-long career as businesses move away from the legal industry for conflict resolution.