How to Get Event Security Jobs

Event security jobs involve keeping an event under control so fights or other unsavory issues don’t arise. Security guards who work in event security have the important job of keeping individuals who attend events safely. This particular person works at entertainment venues, promotional events, parties, or possibly even corporate events. Additionally, a security guard at an event may monitor the event for crimes. It can be one of the best jobs for starting your security career.

What Do You Do if You Work in Event Security?

The event security guard is the individual who identifies trespassers. Those who offer event security services survey the area. Part of the description for event security jobs is apprehending criminals or putting a stop to the dangerous activity. They report to the owner or host of the part regarding any suspicious activity. Often, the person is responsible for making sure people adhere to the rules as well. Often, a person will notice that event security jobs are also labeled as bouncers to hire. Managers in event security oversee all of the personnel and report to the clients.

What Kind of Education or Experience Do You Need to Work in Event Security?

Although the requirements of event security companies vary from company to company and state to state, a person requires at least a high school diploma and must be at least 18 years old. Individuals looking for jobs with security companies for events will need to have a clean criminal record and may be required to pass a drug screening. (It’s not quite security clearance for federal agencies, but it can be rigorous.) In some cases, an event security guard may need to take training classes. For individuals who are armed, the training is more extensive, and the person requires to obtain the proper licensure to carry a firearm.

Some states require a person to have the proper licensure to work as an event security guard. A person has to undergo a criminal background check. Then, depending on the person’s state, he or she may need to undergo training before he or she can obtain a license. States like California require that security guards undergo a state-approved training program. In other states, a person may be able to obtain the necessary training to fulfill certification requirements by attending a third-party training site. Finally, the individual can apply for a license through his or her state. At this point, an individual must also have their fingerprints taken.

As for education outside of what the security companies for events provide, it may benefit a person to earn a degree or certification. For instance, a degree in law enforcement or criminal justice could be beneficial. It’s vital before looking for jobs for bouncers to hire to look into your particular state’s requirements. Also, keep in mind, that event security services for some events may require a person to have a higher level of education. Some states require an event security guard to receive a certain level of education to receive the proper licensure.

Where Can I Find Jobs in Event Security?

Those who are looking for jobs in event security may find event security companies that they can work for. It’s possible to find full-time or part-time event security jobs. A person may also choose between working for a company or freelancing, both of which can offer a person part-time event security jobs or full-time event security jobs. Another option is for a person to start his or her own event security business.

If a person chooses to work with an event security company, the business will assign different jobs to the person. Those who are employed through the company can have taxes taken out of their pay while individuals who choose to freelance or work as an independent contractor, depending on the company. Those who work as independent contractors have to pay their own taxes.