Top 10 Easiest Security Jobs

Top 10 Easiest Security Jobs

The easiest security jobs require professionals to be qualified and also pay well but have much less stress than alternative jobs. What’s it like working in security? This is an industry where the jobs vary wildly, from security officers who carry weapons and face dangerous situations to security officers who manage a low-risk environment and perform very simple tasks.

You can find examples of easy security jobs in all kinds of places. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of security you apply for, the educational and training requirements can be different for every employer. If you’re looking for long-term job security while working in security, here are 10 great places to find opportunities that are heavy on authority but easy on stress levels.

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1. Museum Guard

When was the last time you heard about a museum heist outside of a James Bond movie? Working as a security guard at an art museum or gallery still requires long hours. But, most days, the most pressing issue is tourists taking pictures when they’re not supposed to.

If you enjoy art, it can be very enjoyable to spend your days guarding paintings and exhibitions. Guards are an essential part of keeping a museum running. And on a good day, you can help a lost toddler find their parents.

2. Shopping Mall Security Officer

Mall security guards can serve different functions depending on the size and type of mall they’re working in. Their main focus is theft and vandalism prevention. Furthermore, mall guards usually have a specific area of the mall to patrol. So, the work is fairly predictable.

It’s not uncommon to face shoplifters, rowdy teenagers, and even fights. However, the stress is usually minimal. Some positions at large urban malls may require American Society for Individual Security (ASIS) training or certification. The biggest stress? Christmas shopping time.

3. Office Building Security Officer

Many security officers at office buildings spend their days in surveillance rooms, monitoring security cameras. Others check badges or record visitors, making sure only authorized individuals gain access to the building.

Still, there is minimal risk in guarding private companies. In the event of an emergency or suspicious activity, the security guard will be the one to call the police or medical responders. Additionally, writing up reports is a possible job duty.

4. Nightclub Bouncer

There’s always the potential that things could get rowdy at a nightclub, but there’s a much greater potential for a fun and laid-back environment. Security guards, or bouncers, typically check I.D.s and make sure intoxicated guests aren’t causing a disturbance. Unlike most security jobs, a nightclub security guard can make tips. Working as a bouncer in an area heavily populated with tourists or VIP visitors can lead to great opportunities and exciting experiences.

5. Casino Surveillance

The biggest focus for security workers in casinos is gaming, and whether patrons in the casino are cheating, stealing, or engaging in other irregular activities. Most of their time is spent in a surveillance room, studying the cameras and sound recording devices carefully. In the event that a crime is committed on the premises, local authorities usually come to the casino surveillance officers to provide them with tapes and recordings as evidence.

These workers can walk the casino floor, but it’s usually not their main duty. Knowledge of different casino games and how to spot card-counting and scams is usually required. However, many casinos provide on-the-job training.

6. Courthouse Security Officer

You might think working security in a location filled with law-breakers isn’t necessarily easy, but a courthouse is also filled with police officers, metal detectors, and more security precautions than almost any other building. Court security officers can escort defendants or jury members, relay messages, enforce courtroom standards according to a judge’s wishes, and even take phone messages. You’re bound to have some interesting experiences at a courthouse, even if you work in small claims or family courtroom. But the level of risk is small considering the environment.

7. Computer Security Consultant

If sitting in a surveillance room isn’t easy enough for you, try sitting behind a desk. Computer security is a great job if you have the skills, which can be self-taught or supplied from a computer science program. Companies employ these workers to fight cybercrime, whether it be viruses, spyware, or threats from hackers. While it can be a cushy position, you have to know what you’re doing. If a company’s network is damaged by a security threat, it can really hurt your career. But luckily, computer security is becoming more and more in demand.

8. Special Event Security Guard

On-call special event security can work at high-profile events like the Superbowl or the latest pop star stadium show, or they can work at smaller, corporate-sponsored conventions or trade shows. Large events like the Olympics or campaign conventions can involve major security precautions, but when you’re simply working for an auditorium, sports center, or expo center, duties include overseeing parking, crowd control, and making sure guests have the right tickets or pass to access certain areas of the building. This job also gives you a chance to meet celebrities or interact with their personal security staff.

9. VIP Escort Security

Of course, there are the private security guards who work for celebrities, businessmen, and other important people, escorting them to and from the airport, as well as to restaurants, clubs, and events. There’s always risk involved when you’re working for someone with fans, but many times, a personal security guard can serve other functions like calling ahead, securing luggage, or arranging transportation.

You’ll usually earn more in a personal security job. And, these positions are reserved for those with a decent amount of experience. Plus, you often get the chance to experience a pretty interesting way of life.

10. Crisis Management

When emergencies happen on federal, state, or local levels, working in law enforcement or security can be stressful and dangerous. But if you have the right educational qualifications, crisis management lets you be the brains behind the operation. This job actually involves planning and preparation, whether you work for a private corporation or a government agency.

You spend most of your time drawing up strategies and protocols to handle disasters, including natural disasters, terrorism, crime, or any other possible threats to your employer. It’s a prestigious position for smart thinkers, and it’s a way to work security without being on the front line.

Finding one of the Easiest Security Jobs

The security industry is extremely diverse, and many people who look for security careers have different strengths and areas of expertise. Whether you’re searching for an easy job at the mall or an office job with authority, there are many more options for security workers than carrying a gun and putting yourself in harm’s way. Protection can mean many things to many people, so there are jobs in a variety of places.