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Top 10 Armed Security Jobs

DHS teamTo say that people are employed in armed security jobs can mean a lot of very different things. The responsibilities these professionals have vary widely, as does the training that is required to perform the jobs as well as the requirements of their employers. These protection specialists are everything from those who are paid by small private firms and who may be armed to protect certain persons and property all the way up to highly paid and professionals who are paid large sums of money to protect important people and large amounts of money and property. This article is a guide to all of the levels of people who are in this category.

10. Basic Security Officers. Basic security officers range anywhere from those standing watch at the local shopping mall or amusement park to those who are primarily a fire watch during night patrols at a commercial building. These men and women can be paid little more than minimum wage and perform basic protective tasks, which include private patrols, sentry duty, and others. In years past there were no requirements to either be employed n these jobs or to carry a firearm. In recent years, however, in order to raise the quality of these specialists, states began requiring that those who apply for these jobs take and pass tests covering the powers of arrest as well as a separate qualification to carry a sidearm.

9. Armed Specialists. Next higher up in ranking is an armed specialist. this person is normally responsible for the basic line security officers. Armed specialists are usually responsible for making sure that their subordinates are where they should be and carrying out their responsibilities in an efficient manner. Often little more than a basic guard himself, the armed specialist usually has more training and experience than those he supervises. He is also responsible to a property owner or other supervisor for making sure that the proper responsibilities are carrier out.

8. Armed Carriers. A step up from your basic security officer is an armed carrier who is often employed by an armed transport company. These men and women are responsible for transporting large amounts of cash and other valuables to and from banks and businesses. Since there is a higher level of threat involved as well as more responsibilities, these officers are normally paid a higher amount.

Another category of armed security are private carriers. These professionals work for the top brand stores and companies to ensure that expensive property such as jewelry, art, and other goods are delivered safely to buyers, wherever they might happen to be located.

7. Screeners. Often not thought of as “armed security” but are are those who are responsible for screening employees and members of the public who enter commercial and government buildings. These include places of business as well as buildings such as courthouses and others. This level of armed employee is also faced with a greater level or threat in the performance of their job. As a result, and due to the fact that they are often employed by government, these personnel are often paid better than standard.

6. Surveillance Officers. Surveillance officers are often the so-called eyes in the sky who watch people and things in order to ensure the safety and security of people and property in many different venues. Due to the fact that many of these security jobs work with high technology in the performance of their jobs, they are often paid a higher rate. Not only do these security jobs used highly specialized equipment to watch others, but they can also be highly visible, which can make them highly effective to prevent crime before it happens.

One of the fastest growing venues for these types of security professionals are the ever increasing number of tribal casinos who employ them to prevent theft by patrons as well as employees. Another reason for the higher level of pay for these security jobs is because of what is frequently demanded of them as far as recognizing theft in a gaming environment. It takes a trained set of eyes to recognize when a card shark has just scammed the casino or another player. These officers are also capable of responding effectively when the demand is made.

5. Private Police. When a metropolitan police force does not have the manpower or time to provide close security for a facility, private companies will often hire their own security professionals to ensure that employees and others are safe as well as property is protected. A private police force is also often employed to be visible to prevent theft by employees.

4. Private Detectives and Investigators. Private detectives and investigators are often retired police detectives who choose to move their services to private clients. These professionals are often employed by private firms or can work on their own in the employ of private companies who hire them to investigate thefts and other crimes against persons and property. Private detectives and investigators often specialize in the types of crime they solve such as missing persons and fraud. For this reason one job could take a year or more to solve, all the while clients pay them to continue in pursuit of their objective.

3. Bounty Hunter. Loosely related to security type jobs is the bounty hunter. Bounty hunters can be employed by a bail bondsman or the court to catch accused criminals who have skipped bond and gone on the run. Since they often post significant amounts of money for bail, it behooves those who post the bail to make sure that the accused show up for their day in court. And due to the nature of the people a bounty hunter must work with, they are often well armed as well as well paid.

Bounty hunters do not necessarily possess a high level of education, but in terms of their knowledge of the law and the parameters of their rights to enforce warrants, they are often well versed in what they are and are not allowed to do. The knowledge of these guidelines and to make sure that they stay within them also causes them to be well paid.

2. Bodyguards or Personal Protection Specialists. In an increasingly troubled and violent world, certain people of wealth and power need protection from those who wish to do them harm. It’s for this reason that highly trained personal protection specialists are employed to provide them protection, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. And due to crimes such as kidnappings, personal protection specialists are also called upon to provide for the security to their family members as well.

It is also an unfortunate fact of life that as countermeasures evolve, so must the security that is forced to deal with it. For this reason as well as the potentially dangerous situations these professionals are forced to deal with, the demands for greater levels of education and training are higher. Their pay also reflects this.

1. Security Specialists. Perhaps some of the highest paid and best trained of all armed security personnel are security specialists. These professionals function almost to a level of being police forces in and of themselves since they work to enforce law and order within specially defined areas, such as specified buildings or other properties.

It is easy to understand that some buildings or grounds such as amusement parks must employ professionals who understand how to control their responsibilities intimately, and that is what these specialists do. Security specialists can recognize security flaws in a property before a problem happens and know how to fix it. That’s their job.

As can be easily discerned from the ranking above, the wide variety of jobs available for armed security is huge. From the basic security guard to highly paid and well trained security specialists, each are paid to perform certain tasks that ensure a higher level of safety for those who life and work in an increasingly dangerous world.


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