Can You Get an Online Degree in Security Studies?

An online degree in security studies can advance your career with an undergraduate, graduate, or certificate program. Are you interested in pursuing a career in security? You can get an undergraduate or graduate security degree online. There are also online certificate programs. Getting a certificate won’t make you eligible for the same jobs as an undergraduate or graduate degree will, but if you need to enter the job market quickly it is something to consider.

Many folks who have graduated from certificate or undergraduate programs decide to further their education at a later date. Additionally, some government and private employers offer tuition reimbursement to employees who agree to stay with the company for a set amount of time. This can ease the financial burden that an advanced degree sometimes creates.

If you decide to pursue either certification or an associate’s degree online, check to see if the credits you earn can be transferred. This will make it easier should you decide to get your bachelor’s or graduate degree.

Security Degrees Available Online

Many colleges and universities offer security programs online. Getting your degree online is convenient and cost-effective. Self-discipline is an important ingredient. To have a successful academic experience online, you have to treat it just as you would if you were taking offline classes. Creating a schedule that includes blocks of time where you can study without interruption will lead to success.

The security programs offered online vary. Some are more generalized than others. These broad-based programs are best if you are not sure about the direction you want to take with your career in security. These types of programs often emphasize developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are important and will serve you well no matter what type of security career you pursue.

Specialized Security Online Degrees

Other security degrees offered online are more specialized. These are good if you are already working in the industry you prefer. For example, some online security degrees are geared toward those who work in business, while others are more geared toward folks who are in law enforcement. There are also specialized degrees for those employed in information technology.

Faster Than Average Growth

The United States Department of Labor projects security jobs in information security or cybersecurity will grow faster than average for the foreseeable future. Security needs will change as technology evolves, and this is another factor that will spur job growth. There will also be a need for a steady stream of new applicants as long-term employees retire or switch industries.

Getting your security degree online is an exciting way to open up new doors when it comes to employment opportunities. There has never been a better time to pursue this important and well-respected career.